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Cheap Low Carb Snacks


LighterLife Returner
Hi All,

After several months on LighterLife I'm maintaining my weight now, using a managed low GI diet, with an eye on the Carbs...

I find the atkins bars that you can buy from tesco quite good, but are a tad pricey. Do you folks know of any places - online pehaps - that sell these types of low carb snacks, but for less? doesn't have to be atkins branded, any thing will do...

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I don't use them mini me, but there are some posts around here about buying them cheaply at boots?
The boots offer has finished now unfortunately. If I need a snack I tend to go for the following:

2 eggs with 15ml Mayo Chopped up and stored in a little tuppaware tub.

Pork scratchings. I buy a big 70g bag and split into two portions and keep one (again in a little tub) to work with me.

If I make sugar free jelly I split the pint mixture into 4 servings.

I always cook a large batch of chicken thighs (usually 10 at a time). They can either be munched on when really hungry or included in a meal. I keep them in the fridge in.... yep you guessed it... a large tuppaware tub.

Another good concoction I've started cooking in bulk is, frozen sliced mushrooms, shredded frozen savoy cabbage and smoked bacon lardons. I wok fry it all up in lurpack garlic butter, salt and pepper until it just starts to brown. Allow it to cool and then put in a big tub and store in the fridge. I just micro small portions as and when I want some.

All of the cooked items I've mentioned should last 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

Also I was thinking of making up some sort of low carb chocolate tort/mousse. I was thinking along the lines of a couple of egg whites, whipped cream, a couple of teaspoons of low carb cocoa powder if I can find some and a couple of teaspoons on splenda. If I get round to making it I will let you know how it goes.
will let you know how I get on then, but sourcing low carb cocoa, that isnt extortionatly priced is becoming a stumbling block.
Yeah the Boots offer has ended as i went there last week to stock up on the bars. As it was no longer a good offer i didn't buy any and when i feel the urge for something sweet i have suger free jelly, strawberries and raspberries(limited portions) with cream..yum!


LighterLife Returner
Hi All, Thanks for all the replies... sounds like I need to stock up on tupperware ;-)

Regarding the cocoa, can't you just use pure cocoa, like the red cadbury's bournville powder, or another brand like green and blacks? it will have no added ingredients, so you can just add tablet sweetener (i.e. no carbs there) and make it as sweet as you like? I just checked and it has 10.5g carbs per 100g, and I would probably use around 5-10g in a mug of hot chocolate...

Or is there another reason why you couldn't use this?


PS: I have always wanted to try making my own reeses cups:
Step 1: 85% dark chocolate (lower carbs) melted
Step 2: Put a layer in a fairy cake paper case, leave to set.
Step 3: add a layer of peanut butter, leaving a gap around the edge of the Peanut butter so that...
Step 4: pour over another layer of dark chocolate, which wil flow into the gap around the edge to make a closed case, leave to set.
Step 5: Eat it!

I have never tried it, but always imagined that is how I would make it...
Regarding the cocoa, can't you just use pure cocoa, like the red cadbury's bournville powder, or another brand like green and blacks?
Great minds think alike. I bought a tub of Bournville powder last night together with some granulated splendor. So all I need now is the motivation to make it.
when u make it boo let me know how it turns out I may have to try that myself..

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