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Hi all

I have been on LT for just over two weeks now. Had a small blip last night to which you all kindly responded. feeling it again at the moment but am at work and everybody is eating chippy. Mcdonalds u name it i can smell it grrrr !

I am on this with a friend who has been eating frozen grapes, peppers sweetcorn and onion!! along with a biscuit with chocolate on and slim fast in the morning rather than the Lipotrim.

Had a weigh in and she has lost 1lb more than me and im so gutted cause i have only had a tiny blip and really found it hard going.

I have been tempted to have milk in my coffee once or twice a day but refrained because of the side effects of coming out of ketosis and now im just feeling well blow it what do you think??

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Don't do it.. the only one you are cheating is yourself- take it from someone who was cheating last week for all the wrong reasons..
Thanks alot.

Think i just feel a bit let down that she seems to be messing about and guess i need to rely on all you guys that are so focused from now on. Shes desperately trying to talk me into going on slim fast and shes not having any of her shakes apart from the odd one.

Im going to keep going though thanks to you all.;)
She's probably making it a lot tougher for herself! If she's knocking herself out of ketosis by eating all the time, then yes, she'll be losing weight because she's eating fewer calories, but, she's probably suffering in terms of how she feels. In fact, it doesn't really sound like she's on LT at all?? Ketosis makes LT do-able, so, don't be tempted! Ultimately, you'll probably last longer than her in the long-run, so, stand to lose more! :)

Good luck :)



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Don't do it, whilst you are on the programme, you are getting all the nutrients you need. Your friend doing it that way will probably not be getting all the vitamins and stuff which is much more dangerous and is not the proper way to go about it. : )

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