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Hi everyone, today is the first time in my 16 days of being 100% that ive felt a little urge to cheat. could kill for a glass of rose, but i havent and i wont. I WILL NOT cave until my planned day off next saturday.

Just wondering who HAS cheated? What did you have? How did it effect your WI?

Was it a spectacular binge of naughtiness or little bits extra?

Thanks to anyone who shares their cheating stories! :)
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sometimes (around every 10 days) I feel the need to get some bread. I take 2 good slices along with some butter. When I say I feel the need, it's really what's happening, I feel weak, hungry, I see it coming a few days ahead before I indulge, so it's not compulsive....Generally I skip a shake then because it's mainly in the evening. And the next day I just feel great, I feel I can go again, have more energy, am less hungry...Guess it's a fuel I need. Did it affect my WL ? I don't exactly know but what I know is that I'm happy with my losses so far and that my losses haven't been greater when I did not do it (I would even say the opposite, could that be possible ?)

I also indulged at the beginning in ham don't do it anymore although I'm wondering why since it did not affect my WL at all.


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Every week since starting bar week one, I've had something on where I've eaten off plan and I've lost 17lbs in 5 weeks so I'm pleased. I can't let it control my life so while eating off plan I've just made (quite) sensible choices (apart from my Chinese tonight ha) and got straight back on it the next day! It helps keep me going a little bit if I have something to look forward to, buy I'm not going to lie, I do feel guilty!


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last weekend i ate ate a cupcake, some chicken, a handful of doritos and then had 3 vodka and cokes eeek
then in the morning i had the mother of all hangovers and had to have some toast to sort myself out but as soon as id had that toast i had my shakes and was 100% mon-fri.
I got weighed in today and lost 4lb, i wish i hadn't had the cheat weekend though, think i could have pulled in another lb if i hadn't!

i definitely say everyone's body is different, I think some people can cheat and get away with it but then it also might come back to bite you in the bum.

(saying all this, i am having another weekend off and having some vino haha)


I'm glad I saw this as I have been thinking about this already! It's only because I have a party to go to next week Saturday and a BBQ the following Saturday. I don't really want to feel deprived. I'm happy to stay 100% apart from that!


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I think moderation is definitely the key and to set yourself in the mindset that your losses could be smaller or you may get a STS x


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Never cheated...no idea! Okay - I did once in 2007 (I'd been doing it 200 days!) and I lost a 1lb over the entire week - it could have been 3lbs. Problem is, once you start, other things start to slide. If you have a lot of weight to lose over a long period, it's so much easier if you don't - and I notice that people who nibble early on tend not to stick around and certainly take longer to get done if they do. I put on 2lbs doing 810 by the letter...I can't imagine what might have happened if I'd cheated!
Unfortunately yes. I've caved day 3 and 4 of my restart and was doing really well :sigh:
I've got sat, sun and mon day time until my weigh in so i've decided to stick with it and take my smaller loss on the chin and start afresh next week. I have lots of demons to beat and facing them head on with this diet hopefully will eventually crack it. Starting today no deviations untill my holiday on 9th august, then back on it when i get back. Going to take some packs with me on holiday to curb any damage done while away.


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Defo not cheating in my opinion! Haha! I wouldn't even call it a cheat! I would literally call it a day off plan. I could never be 100% and totally admire people who can. I just could never let a diet control my life in that way as going out/food plays such a big part in it! Admittedly I've called off events and totally changed my opinions about going out and not drinking as I've done that loads whereas I neve would have before! I didn't have a single drink at glasto!!! Now thy was an amazing accomplishment for me personally. Just be prepared that on those planned breaks you may not lose/ have a smaller loss and you'll be fine x
'Unfortunately yes' i caved... wasn't saying your planned days off were a cheat :)
If it suits you and you can refocus then i think it's an individual choice.
I'm also planning on taking some power shakes with me, just to replace one meal a day either breakfast or lunch so I don't eat so much bread! I will have what I want the rest of the time but try and be sensible I am on holidays after all but I don't want to come back after 2 weeks to find I've gained a stone! Lol


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Are u only doing cd until Turkey or are you staying on it after? X
After 66 days of 100% SS I had my first 'slip up' last night, had a slice of ham and half a slice of cheese. Not what I'd call a gimongous binge, but couldn't weigh myself this morning since battery in scales died. However, the sounds coming out of my stomach all day would indicate some sort of protest going on in there :D
And you know what the funniest part about it was? Neither the ham nor the cheese quite met my taste expectations and defo could have done without. Will remember that next time I feel the need to 'cheat'.


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I think it's really a matter of personality some people will start taking other foods , and then slip more and more....a little bit of this, a little bit of that, more of this, more of that....I think it's hard not to slip if you do things like this. And a waste of money also. So slips have to be carefully and exactly planned along with the content of the food that will be eaten....

As for myself I'm so determined and working so hard on all the aspects of why, where, how I eat, that I feel I can manage slips. It will never ever put me out of the road.It might slow me down a little, but that's only a way for me to get enough "breath" to go further...


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Yeah that's the same as me, only doing it until Ibiza, then going ww to maintain x


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4th august so not long!!! Excited but woul LOVE to be about a stone lighter. My target is 9st 7lbs like you but my Ibiza target I moved up to 9st 13lbs. It is a really good diet buy I NEVER want to cone back to it! It's really hardcore!
As long as i am under 10 stone for my holidays ill be happy also :) Can lose the rest when i get back then.

Gonna use the last 4 weeks before i go (from wi on the 20th july) to do 2 weeks of 810 and 2 weeks of 1000 to help introduce carbs before i go away so not expecting big losses then but will be exercising so hopefully toning up!

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