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Cheer me up....


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My baby (she's 10! :rolleyes:) has gone away on her first ever "away from home" school trip to France and I'm beside myself with worry. She's only gone until Friday lunchtime but it's going to take every ounce of strength I have not to console myself with chocolate buttons!!!!
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Not worth the buttons. She'll come back Friday happy as larry (whoever he is) and you'll have been upset all for nothing.
One favour you know on the 25th of June will you say the same to me my babys going to France too.


Here we go again!
I remember mine going to france the same age (they're 17 and 19 now)and for a couple of days. She will come back full of the joys of france and be having a great time. We all worry, so it would be stupid of me to say don't. I'm afraid that's part of the job description.

Who knows, she may bring you back some french chocolate buttons for you to enjoy after refeeding!
Hi Lou

My 'baby' went to India on a backpack holiday at 19 for 6 months. I put on the bravest face at the train station and when the train pulled out burst into floods of tears. As MiniB says its part of the job description to let them go :wave_cry:, with a smile on the face and an ache in the heart. She had the most amazing time, certainly a jouney she should never have missed. I bet your sweetheat will be back on Friday after having the best of fun ever with her school pals with so many stories to tell and will be feeling all grown up after her adventure.:cool:
All us moms feel for you...its the begining of letting go. ;)


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Awwww thanks guys, I know she'll have a blast as she's really been looking forward to it. I suppose my main worry is that she's a little naive and not very street wise, but then again she's on a school trip so she shouldn't have to be. Two more sleeps... and no chocolate buttons ;)
Oh my two go away in a few weeks, one to France and the other to Snowdonia 13/14 year old girls....its always a worry but they need to develop and always seem to have a fab time and forget to text or say i'm ok!! They just love going away friends its such an advenure, she'll be just fine, stick to the diet she's going to be so proud of you!


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its hard being a parent isn't it? young people usually have a fab time whilst us parents worry ourselves silly. she will be fine. but you already know that - its just hard. my 20 year old moves into her own flat tomorrow. thank goodness. sanity will reign
your wee girl will have a great time away but instead of chocolate console yourself with the thought of how much weight you have lost and how proud she must be of you. that would definitely give me a warm comforting glow x

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