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Cheerydino is back!

Well, I have had a fantastic time in Newquay, it was better than I had expected! We were suitably impressed and we wouldn't mind going back there again!

Anyway....I will have to wait until my WI on Sunday to find out how I am doing. I just hope that I haven't put on any weight during my holiday. I weighed myself this morning and there has been no change since the beginning of the holiday but I can't be sure. If I am honest, I don't feel like I have put on a few pounds, judging from my clothes which were a bit too big for me and they didn't get any tighter as days went by, so I am hoping! I went clothes shopping in the town centre hours before we were due to fly back to London. I was stunned when I found that size 14 skirts were too big at the waist so I had to go for size 12 - for the first time since I was a teenager!!! :eek:

I should be jumping with joy but I do not think I could go for size 12 in everything really! It just depends on the shops!!!!

Now, the food....I was coming to week 5 when we travelled to Newquay which meant that I could have two protein-based meals a day. I have to admit, it did make things a bit easier for me. I had glasses of white wine which was great as it was our family honeymoon, so I realy wanted to enjoy myself. I went for medium white wine, not realising that the management book says "dry" white wine!! Oh dear! I did try my best to follow the management plan - i.e. no carbohydrates, or desserts. I am pleased with myself for not giving in to desserts while having meals at restaurants and at the hotel!

Thankfully, we didn't have to help ourselves with breakfast at the hotel. Knowing myself, I probably would go overboard with my portions (still struggling with big portions at home!) I just went for grapefruit segments which we helped ourselves and ordered smoked haddock with scrambled eggs for breakfast. I had this breakfast practically everyday while my DH had a fried breakfast - of sausage, bacon, fried egg, even FRIED bread!

The hotel owners were very accommodating with my specific needs at mealtimes. No dressings or mayo in my salads (till the last night before we returned home!) I was so grateful. However, I did give in a little at various eating places. It was not easy to get what I liked on the menu, so went for chicken caesar salad. I avoided croutons but did eat some shredded cheese and some dressing that came with the salad. My little daughter did take most of the cheese at one time which was helping me! I seemed to have eaten quite a lot - even picked on her leftovers! :eek:

We also went to one of Newquay's top fish & chips shop and I had my Nut crunch bar while watching Carl eating his fish & chips and my daughter had her chicken nuggets. I did taste a little of Carl's fish but without the breaded part - I wanted to find out why the shop was so highly-rated! After that, I wasn't tempted to eat any more.

Overall, I think I should be pleased with myself for not going for bread, potatoes or chips that would have come with the dishes I chose.

Now, I'm back at home, and still struggling with food portions!!!

What I had today:

Two boiled eggs with apple and a kid-sized banana and tea for breakfast

2 Clementines with Muller Light yoghurt

For my lunch, I had 2 small fillets of fresh tuna (had to use them all after opening was my excuse!) with lots of salad and fat-free dressing

Foodpack - soup

An hour later, I went for strawberries, raspberries and kiwi fruit with Greek 0% Fat yoghurt

That is what I had up to now. Wouldn't be surprised if I go for another apple before the last foodpack!

Sorry for waffling too much about food but I just needed to open up!

Well, I really need to listen to my body and try not to eat too much as well. It is so challenging! :(
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has started again!!
Sounds like you have done really well. Do let us know how your WI goes wont you?

Glad you had a great holiday too!


Trainee Maintainer
You did really well, Cheery.

Don't forget to think 'long term', because any so called 'errors' that you think you made are actually you making adult choices from the choices available.

It would be a pity if you focused on these 'errors' at the expense of enjoying your holiday. As time goes on, and your food choices continue to expand, you will be faced with many other decisions like this.

Once you are back to eating 100% this will continue. I have found that sometimes there is little you can do sometimes when eating out on holiday. I am just back from a cruise and had no imput on how the meat/fish was cooked, but was able to get undressed salads and steamed veg available every evening for dinner. So, it was all about compromising.

It is an important lesson to learn, Cheery. So I did put some weight on (I don't know my official weightgain yet as I won't be back to meetings for another couple of weeks yet), but I reckon from my own scales that it is about 5 lbs. Now all I have to do is reintroduce my healthy eating habits again (quite a relief actually) and the excess will soon disappear. What is more alarming for me was to measure my body fat %. It has gone up to 29% from 25%. That's quite an increase I think.

What I won't be doing is returning to eating what I want without being responsible for it. Now there is always a choice but it's an informed choice and the consequences are painfully clear. I just have to have a look at my gallery (I've got new pics from the cruise on now) and see my 'before' pictures. I ain't goin' back! No way, no how!

As far as waffling is concerned. Waffle as much as you want, because getting it all down on paper is theraputic AND helps you to focus on what you are doing. PLUS, your posts can inspire other people who are right behind you on their journey. Or inspire others who are ahead of you (like me)! Hehehe.


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Hello there :D:D

I too think you've done really well, how easy would it have been to say,'sod it I'm on holiday' and go completely mad - you remained in control - super de duper :p

bet you'll be pleasantly suprised on sunday :p

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