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Hey Dalaney, I'd love to find a low fat cheese that actually tastes like cheese too, but I doubt there is one! Haha. Hopefully somebody will have some ideas? x


gunna be a fatty for ever
you could try asda good for you mature cheddar cheese maybe?

Ok it maybe over the recommended 5/100g (its 15gms) but if you only have 30 grams or something? it would be 5grams of fat?

If you kept it so it was only an occaisonal treat say on toast the day after weigh day im sure that would be fine.

I know if i deprive my self of some thing i end up giving up after a while and go mental and it really gets me down!!

I had a cheese sandwich for my lunch on tuesday using this cheese and saw no orange oil what so ever!

So i dunno if that would be an option?

love katie
Good tip Katie, a little bit of what you fancy won't do you any harm! Haha. I'll have a look in Tesco next time I'm in to see what the lowest fat cheese is, and have it maybe once a week or so as a treat :) x


gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooh i feel like im passing a naughty habit on oooops lol
Haha don't worry, I would have found a way regardless to keep cheese in my diet, even if it is once a month! Lol :D x


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OH we had one that was a bag of grated cheese called lowlow in Asda it tasted like cheese but i think like Katie said before it's above th 5 in 100 rule
Thats the one I use, made by Kerry called LowLow, Asda do it in a block aswell, but is still over the 5g rule. I only have it occasionally, other than that I use Philadelphia extra light on my baked potatoes the no need for butter/marg either, yummy with beans.
Thanks all I will try a little bit of cheese like Kae suggested and see what happens I haven't had any reaction at all to the tablets but I have been really really good so far. still terrified of having a bad reaction but i guess that is how the tablets work they scare you into not eating ha ha
I have found a 5% cheese but i've only seen it in Asda, its Rosemary Conleys 5% fat cheese. It's not like real cheese and it doesn't melt properly like normal cheese but it was better than a ww cheese i'd tried some time ago. Might be worth a go!
I use teso half fat cheese slices once in a while.
they are not in 5/100 rule but they are a one off and as they are
slices they are a controlled portion! i will look for this low low stuff though! I use cheese in my cauliflower soup but its like 50g of cheese with a whole bag or frozen cauliflower that has about 8 servings..
I will look out for the rosemary conley cheese and give it a go. I did get a little cheese fix with my WW pizza the other night I wonder how they put chesse on them and keep them below the 5g per 100g rule??
Well whatever you do don't buy Tesco's value cottage cheese.. I bought some the other day as it said it was fat free ( it's actually 0.2g fat per 100g) but what they don't say is it's also completely taste free!

I love cottage cheese but this was awful, it seriously tasted like lumpy water! :jelous:

I agree with that! I love cottage cheese, but the value ranges are always watery and tasteless. I've never really found a cottage cheese that actually tastes like cheese either! Lol x
Hi I love mild chedder myself and dont mind phili but for strong cheese taste why not try mixing some parmesan and phili together? you dont need alot of parmesan and its strong? also to bulk out cheese (we all love a big filling) I've heard that mixing cheese with grated carrot works..... the big filling comment did not mean to come out all carry on film like.... ha! ha!
I think my mum bought some Longley Farm's Virtually Fat Free cottage cheese when she went shopping yesterday, so I'll give it a try and let you know :) I haven't really been craving cheese as much this week, I dunno what's going on, I used to have it with every meal and now it's not even bothering me that I can't eat it! I guess it's a good thing though :) x


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooh i always get that too!! i use 20g on toast instead of flora light less cals and fat plus more filling
Me too tracey its the one thing I really really miss there just doesn't seem to be a god substitue for it I did get a little cheese fix when I had a ww pizza the other night they put cheese on that not a lot but its quite tasty I just wonder how they can find one to put pn and keep thepizza in the 5 gram rule and the whole pizza is only 4 grams of fat they obviously know somethign we don't !! lol

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