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Chemist mix up :(


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I think you'd notice as they'd be much thicker with the same amount of water. Don't worry too much - even with a few male shakes it's still really, really low calorie.
I did have a shake the other night that was a bit thicker and really filled me up. I thought it was because I'd had 2 shakes quite close together :( does anyone know if that would affect ketosis? It's typical of my luck. 1st week back on LT weighing in tomorrow and totm too on top of this :(


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Aw frankie don't let it get you down chick :-( you're definitely bring tested in the strength dept :-( how is your daughter? Xx

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Frankie it's unlikely to affect ketosis and as And says the calories are still low in the mens shakes. Wishing you well for your WI tomorrow x x x
Hi thanks I think it will be ok, glad it won't affect ketosis the first week is hard enough lol. I did freak out a bit when I realised I was drinking male shakes. I hadn't noticed as I was mixing them with coffee, they were a bit thicker tho so I should have noticed sooner grrrr!
Kath- my daughter is still the same, we are still waiting on a scan. She's supposed to be back at school tomorrow but doesn't want to go as she's afraid of being bullied. Think I will keep her off and take her to work with me.
My response from lipotrim in case any body else is as daft as me lol

Do not worry, male and female Lipotrim is exactly the same except the
male portion is larger, hence you noticing the thickness. Please take
the male sachets back and point out the mistake they have made at the
pharmacy. The male sachet is twice the size of a female sachet so you
have had some extra diet which would have a small affect in the first
week but will resolve very quickly once you are on the female sachets.
If it is difficult to get to the Pharmacy then use half a male sachet as
your female serving but keep the empty sachet to show the Pharmacy.
Hopefully you may not have had many and will be in ketosis as this
varies from person to person and you will still have a good weight loss
this week. Let me know if there are any problems at the Pharmacy when
you return. Call Freephone 0800 413735 if you need more help


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C: 11st7lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 26.8
It just dawned on me the the male sachets are more expensive - you should sell them and make a profit hehe!
It's cool I got weighed yesterday and lost 8 lb so happy with that. I do wonder what it would have been without the mix up though. Never mind maybe it will all sort itself by the end of week 2 :) gotta stay positive I suppose lol x
Ooh damn I didn't know that, I could have sold them on ha ha. The chemist just swapped them for female sachets and apologised, they apparantly were aware of the mistake! Wish they would have given me some free shakes though ;)
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Well done on the loss..awesome number :D

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