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CherryCoke is trying again....


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I have been here before, i start and then somewhere along the line, i fall off the diet again, its pathetic and it makes me feel a failure.

So here i am again, day 3 of SS on CD, the reason i am writing now, is that i have taken strength from reading other peoples diaries and perhaps by writing something here as regularly as i can i might in turn give someone else a little encouragement.

I successfully did the Cambridge diet in 2007, I had a friends wedding to attend and in 3 months i had lost 3 stone and i felt fantastic. For the next six months i continued losing weight and it was great, i loved having to go and buy new jeans and tshirts on a regular basis, in fact i think i was TK Maxxs best customer.

As i am sure you all know, it is those things that spur you on, the goal you see, the desire to keep going, the feeling you have of feeling great, the confidence, god i loved the confidence.

But then my marriage fell apart, and to be honest i fell back into my old ways, i eat for comfort and it all came crashing down. over the last few years i have restarted and restarted and tried and tried.....but failed, maybe my heart wasn't in it, no lets not lie, there was no maybe, my heart wasn't in it.

I truly believe that the desire you have to start any diet is impossible to recapture, especially this one, remember what made you start this, the desperation, the need, the willing to do anything to lose this bloody weight.

I have a thing in my head, that tells me that cambridge diet works, its worked for me, i had great success, so i know it works.....so you know what i have done time and time again.....i start, i do a few good days and then i eat something, but you know how i justify this? i tell myself that this diet works so i can restart next week. what a fool.

So here i am, back to the beginning, but why will this be any different? i cannot answer that, but you know why i am here again.....i will tell you.....i don't want another summer of wearing jumpers and jackets and having to lie when people ask, aren't you hot?

How about all the great clothes that still reside in my cupboard, clothes that i wore and felt great in, i want those days back again.

So its day 3 and i am feeling pretty good, not hungry but do want to eat....but not going to....i am going to do this, i want to feel great again.

if this helps you great, i will continue to read the diaries and draw strength from you....thanks everyone, i have in my mind, in 3 months time, before August i can feel fantastic....i want to feel fantastic and i am sure if you have read this, you do too.
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wow! what a moving yet inspirational post. i wish you all the luck in the world and will be looking out for your diary every day. what a fab read and it really resonates - so keep posting!


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Best of luck Cherrycoke you sound really positive and in the zone to take cd on

Look forward to reading your progress



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good luck, with your determination i look forward to reading your updates!!


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Day 4/.

I hate day 4, to me it is worse than day 3, day 3 isn't so bad, i can deal with it, the hunger has gone but i feel bad....last night i hit the sack at about 8:30, much to the surprise of the family, i just had to go, i felt miserable my feet were freezing and i had no more shakes, but during the day i felt good.

However, on day 4 i always wake up with that feeling i had last night, these next few days are my make or break days....you know what is odd though, i am not hungry, so i am clearly in ketosis, so that is good, i am not craving food, i just know i could eat something.

It's kind of odd, i am trying to gain a better perspective of how i am with food, i fill myself on empty calories, on treats, well treats for other people, for me they are just food.

I am sure you have all met someone, who cant finish a mars bar, or buys a large fruit and nut bar and has a cube a night....what the hell is wrong with these people? put a family size bar of fruit and nut in front of me and you know what you are going to end up with....a wrapper.

Confession time:- on some occasions, i have been asked to go and buy bread so we can have sandwiches for lunch.....do you know what i have done on more than one occasion....i have bought a sandwich in the supermarket, for the journey home, and whats worse when i get home, i still have a sandwich.

I quite liked that, i might confess more over time. :p

Here is how i am looking at this diet,

Goal - 3 months on CD, that takes me to August, i feel better about myself, wear some of my skinny clothes and live my life with a focused and watchful eye on my health and weight.

Reality - One week at a time, can i finish this week on this diet with no food?

Harsh Reality - is it bed time yet? the minutes drag by....

I can do this, thanks to your stories and your goals, i want to do this. Thanks to the people who read this, and those that comment, bless you, i appreciate it.


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Can you finish this week? YES! Take one day at a time and this first week will fly by.
I've often done the bread thing. But worse - It would be a sandwhich, crisps, a chocolate bar washed down with full fat coke - then more of less the same when I got in just to make it not look like I'd already stuffed myself on the way home. The shame.

Im on day 2 of a restart so just a bit behind you, roll on wi cos I need the inspiration to carry on!


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cherry - i agree, day 4 is evil. use your diary for confessions, its v cathartic. i have to confess to - i am one of those people who can take a week to eat a bar of chocolate. i am just not a sweet tooth person at all. i just love savouries and my biggest downfall is potatoes and especially chips! i am such a chav about chips. love them!!


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"I have a thing in my head, that tells me that cambridge diet works, its worked for me, i had great success, so i know it works.....so you know what i have done time and time again.....i start, i do a few good days and then i eat something, but you know how i justify this? i tell myself that this diet works so i can restart next week. what a fool."

Oh god I recognise this soooooo badly! Every time I tried to restart I'd do the same and trying to get my head out of doing it again this week on the basis I know I can just re-start later has been the hardest part of re-starting.

Well done to you for keeping going - if it helps I was the same the first 5 days last week but I've now just had my 2nd week weigh in today and I'm now down 10.5 lbs in 2 weeks and that's really helped me get my head back in the right place.

Good luck and keep going - you CAN do this xx


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S: 20st5lb G: 15st0lb
Day 5/.

I have awoken this morning, feeling ok, mentally, but physically i am full of cold. diet wise however i feel good.

here is today's mantra for me
If i stopped today, i will have to catch up with where i got to yesterday.

that makes sense to me, kind of, i mean that if i throw away my hard work today, in a few days i have to go back to the start and go through another four days to get back to where i am now.

Ok, hardly gonna go down in history as a mantra, but hey i understand it.

lets talk yesterday....OMG, that was hell, it was the worst day...lets check some details

a/. hungry
b/. grumpy
c/. lethargic
d/. irritable
e/. headache
f/. no willpower
g/. too many to mention....

Day 4 sucked, and i thank you lovely people for giving me strength with your comments, of course i can do this diet and of course you can, we need to get on with it.

Yesterday was particularly bad, i received a piece of bad news, this news could have changed my life forever but it didn't happen, in the past this would have triggered a binge from hell.....damn the diet and forget getting back on it...but i didn't, i didn't eat, i didn't fall down...and to be honest, i don't know how.

My Binge's are legendary, i go big...so i am glad i didn't, maybe this is a fork in the road!

i made it and i am here today, i feel better and i know i can go on.

confession time

I have purchase a 2 for 1 deal of many products, lets say for this example, a 4 box of twix ice creams, so 8 twix ice creams, and in the car i have eaten an entire box, 4 twix ice creams and put the other box in the freezer......when asked, did i get the two for one, i reply eh? i didnt even notice there was a deal on....the shame

Thank you for your honesty YummyMummy, i confess that i am the same, it wasn't just the sandwich, it was the works....everything in the car and then once again at the house, or even worse declining the crisps at home and pretending i am being good.

My motivation today......find a picture of me, when i was happy and thin and find the strength to be that person again.

one step at a time, one day at a time....who is walking with me?


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well done on not going for the binge!! thats good willpower!! and your dead right about the not wanting to do the early days again!!

good luck and if u get a tough moment read ur post above and im sure it will help you through!!

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