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Chesty cough



Sensibly losing :)
OOh Lainey, poor you :( I have no idea as all I have read is about how much you CANT take due to the sugar etc and the ketosis effect... hope someone comes along with some proper info but in the meantime, get well soon xx
Yeah that's all I have been thinking about I no what not to take but I don't know how I'll sleep without taking something to stop it :-( :-(
Me too, I feel a cold coming on as well and no idea what I can have!

Feel better soon

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Hi lainey I was diagnosed on Saturday with a chest infection :( I’m gutted as I’m not sure how the antibiotics will effect my kitosis…tbh I’ve already started to get a rumbling tummy! I did email Lipotrim and asked about what I could take and this was the reply I got

virtually anything you can get over the counter is based upon sugar and would interfere with the diet. You might ask your GP for something to help
I think your best going to see your GP if they are working with you towards the diet just don’t let it get to the chest infection stage - not good! Hope you manage to get something to help you - I’m so sorry I couldn’t help more and feel better soon!

Was thinking there isn't much u could take! How pants just been taken sum painkillers to see if they help if not I'll need to ring the doc tomorrow!! Hope u feel better soon xo
O dear don't no what's worse this week the bloody cold and sore heads or my son keep wanting to give me chocs!!!!

Jessie 888

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Aw, I feel sorry for you, babe. Take paracetemol or aspirin - don't worry about the effect cos you will still lose loads. If you don't take anything you will just feel worse and think about cheating! Step away from those chocs!
Also very hot or very cold water will shift the stuff that's causing the chesty cough. Sorry if that's tmi! Get well soon. :D

Cham Pers

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Lainey hope u feel better soon! All u can take is paracetamol but you could try a breathe easy steam enhaler with eucolyptus oil to help with ur cough. Theyrr about 6 quid ish from the chemist. I got one and it really helps :)
Thanks of the advice cham will get that at my weigh in on sat! Need sumin and don't want to end up on anti bs!!! I have had my shakes and lots of water do keeping the fluid levels up!!

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