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chewing gum and sweetners


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Hi Lynne

Not sure about the gum to be honest. I know you can use listerine strips but they are hard to find, some people get them off ebay. I am ot sure on the sweetners, they should be made of saccahrin and no sugar/sucralose etc. I use the Canderel ones aka sweetex tablets. :)


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no chewing gum allowed i'm afraid. not sure about the sweetners as i dont use any, but you are safe if they are saccarine based i believe.



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no gum! i got the listerine strips offline. i'm addicted to them now! lol
i use canderel. i tried sweetex but i didn't really like the taste of them. hope that helps!


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oh dear could just do with something minty to suck or chew!

I started off "eating" toothpaste - just a small bit and mushed it round my mouth followed by a swig of water = nice minty fresh mouth :D :D


I *will* be skinny again!
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i find that the peppermint tea makes me feel sick. but that could just be me! xxx
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not just you - i tried the choc shakes made with peppermint tea water and i did drink it but wouldnt have it again.... i tend to suck and crunch on ice cubes when i need something other than liquid and that has got me through last week - also adds to your water intake hahaha

good luck - if anyone knows where to get the strips from i would be interested as well.


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not just you (two!) peppermint tea also made me gag - was looking forward to the mint choc chip flavoured shakes i tried it with. didn't like it hot on its own either.

i use the hermestas sweeteners, teeny little tablets. i think any tablet sweeteners are ok, it's the powdered stuff that's not allowed.
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ElleEmme- I was the same with the 'hot chocolate' shake. BLEURGHHHH! Just tasted of salt! Not remotely comforting and even worse, I'd wasted the shake!!!

Just looking at your losses- wow! Over a hundred pounds!!??? AMAZING! Well done!

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Thanks! i honestly can't believe how much i've lost and how 'little' i have to go now!
Soooooo disappointed, i love choc chip ice cream and people had raved about the shake :( ah well, was only one shake and i gulped it down.
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I think, but don't quote me on it, that any tablet sweetener is okay.

I tried the choc mint combo but hated it! I love minty flavours and thought mint tea would be lovely (I can't stand black ordinary tea) but was sooooooo disappointed. I did think, on Sunday when it was lovely and hot, that I wished I did like it coz a mint lolly would be lovely! Has anyone tried making them?



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Sweeteners? I stick with Splenda, it's actually a sugar derivative (sucralose) and the one favoured by Atkins... I use the powder when NOT on Lipotrim but that isn't allowed when on Lipotrim.

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