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chewing gum


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My cdc said it was ok, but only to chew for about 10 mins.
For some people though it can lead to hunger and cravings, someone lovely person will be along to let you know the official line on it though :)


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From previous posts I've read I believe that the official line is not to chew as it encourages your stomach to think it is going to get some food. If it's for breath freshening then Gold Spot spray is recommended.

Having said that, quite a lot of people do chew the gum with no problems.

I have a piece after my lunchtime bar - gets the bits out of my teeth and as I've just eaten my tummy won't be confused !! :D
Hello there,
My CDC said only chew for about 3 mins which is basically when the taste goes or you will get your chatterbox talking more and more lol. Its worked for me.
All the best xxxx


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I've chewed since i started 5 weeks ago - it helps me and i couldnt go a day without it!
I chew nicotine gum - in between fags! :eek: Doesn't seem to have affected me ... I presume its sugar-free but havent checked - because even if it wasn't I'd still have it - am such a shocking addict!!:cry:


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Chewing gum seems to make me hungry, so I have given up the gum.
The new Trident Rasberry and Peach is divine!!! MMMMMMMM.......gimme gimme!


I can do this.
i chew gum, but not to often as it makes me hungry.
Mmmmmmmmmm Trident gum yum yum! I have chewing gum to combat the hunger pains. Some ppl however find that it does make them hungry. I think it depends what your used to really..... mmmmm Tridents
Hi ya, :)

I didn't really need the gum while I was on the diet. I spend alot of time chatting anyway so there wasn't time for it.(friends would rather put a brick in my mouth to shut me up) but thats their problem.:D
I always advise a sugar free mint like the listerene disolvable ones. I dont know if it true, but I have been told on many occassions that if you chew gum you produce saliva which then stops the body burning fat as it thinks you will be swollening something. Makes sense to me but not sure if it is right.
I have been told when chewing gum, mints etc that people do feel hungry so I do express this to people when they ask.

Nick :):)

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