Chewing Gum


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OK, I need some advice. When I went to first meeting I was told "no chewing gum as it sends message from brain to stomach to expect food and then you feel hungry". Well chewing gum has never done that to me so I took the decision to chew (specially as breath was getting smelly!).:eek: Now someone on another forum is saying that it interferes with ketosis? :confused: I don't get it! After all, we are allowed to have flavourings in our water which contain sweetener and that's what sugar free gum is surely? I really don't want to give up chewing gum because I am self conscious about my breath. Gold spot doesn't work that well so can anyone help?
I chew sugar free gum....hasn't done me any harm, but there are 2 camps on it. Technically it's a no no......but as long as it's sugar free and citric acid free I see no harm, plus it's my own choice!:D
well, I'm squinting at the small print on the "handy box" of Extra peppermint sugarfree gum by Wrigleys... and it doesn't have citric acid listed as an ingredient....just double check with your counsellor as I don't want you to be knocked out of ketosis because of me! I'm still chewing and still firmly in ketosis.. so..