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sparkling:)and hopeful :)
Yes but it's not a good idea to do it. Once you eat and 'get away' with it it's a slippery slope that has claimed many a LTer as the temptation is simply too great.

If you're serious about losing the weight ignore that piece of info and stick to the diet 100% - no eating.


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The best thing with LT is its a total food replacement diet. If you follow it 'by the book' you'll lose weight very quickly. If you for whatever reason simply cannot stick to the diet then having small amounts of fish/chicken will keep you in ketosis, but obviously they have calorific value and thus you will not lose weight as quickly. I'm doing cambridge diet at the moment and they have a sole source + which basically includes a small meal which could be chicken or fish and certain salad leaves/veggies etc.

The problem with LT is if you do pick, it is very easy to fall off the wagon whereas if you just stick to ss then you don't even have to think about what you are eating.

I'm back on day 2 of ssing as I gained 10lbs back (2 is gone already), but I am ssing fully at the moment....no meals at all and I promise you, it is tough the second time around.


I will be skinny again!!!
Yeah i agree i think it would be really hard to stop yourself eating a little bit more and more each time!!
Yeah i agree i think it would be really hard to stop yourself eating a little bit more and more each time!!
Exactly. This is not a magic diet, it requires willpower and it requires you to stick to it. Give it the respect it deserves for giving us such great results. I don't think trying to get around the TFR is a good idea at all and would never do it unless I absolutely had to.
im really surprised the pharmacy person said that.. considering its meant to be Total Food Replacement! But like everyone else said.. once you pop its hard to stop really... so its best to stick to the diet as it says on the pack!

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
hi, thanks for the advice i agree that once you start eating bits then it will be very hard to keep on track. keep up the good work everyone. x
lol @ the Pringles quote :) It's very true. I just don't think it's worth the risk if you're serious about the weight loss. Sorry for ranting but these types of threads set me off :eek:


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My pharmacist told me the same too.....CRAZY. I'm with Rainbow, TFR is TFR!!!!! LT is not Cambridge Diet...which has other plans it is just TFR then maintainence. Silly pharmacists!!!


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Not necessarily, but your shakes have every nutrient the body needs and if you start missing shakes and just having chicken/fish, then you are missing out on vital nutrients!! Thats why with CD its TFR+ which means you have it on top of your three shakes, but then its extra calories.....DON'T DO IT....PLEASE!!!
I'm not sure about the calorific value of plain chicken or fish but at the very least we would be undoing the cleansing of the palate that is so important on the diet. I'm glad I'm not the only one in thinking the way I do. Got in trouble for ranting before lol
I think if I did that, it would definately snowball. A bit iof mayonaise...some garlic...before I knew it I would be having a full course meal with wine!!

And I guess thats the reason i am on this type of diet, because I need to reducate myself and keep away from my addiction for a while!

I'm on week two now, and I can honestly say that its only habit and wanting to pick that has me thinking about food sometimes. Its not hunger.....for me....trying to distinguish between those two situations is what I hope to learn after I have completed my goal :)
I agree with everything Gemma says, it can lead to a slippery slope and isn't worth it. Hang in there hun and resist all temptation. I think your chemist is mad to even mention it! They obviously don't read their own literature from LT!!!



I will be skinny again!!!
To be honest i think it was extremley unfair for your chemist to mention it!
They should be there for support and guidance! not to plant seeds like that in your head!!
If everyone one of their LT customers has been told that im pretty sure atleast 50% have failed because of it!
Just don't do it!:eek:


Here we go again!
On my first visit to the chemist she told me that if I really, really craved something that I should have a small piece of it, but only a small piece. She used cheese and crackers as an example. I was really surprised she suggested it and I have ignored that advice since day 1.

So far I have not broke the diet at all and I will complete my 4th week tomorrow. As someone else said, I think they need to read up on LT before they give out that sort of advice.

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