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Chicken cassarole

Discussion in 'SW Winter Warmer Recipes' started by Ellen.S, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ellen.S

    Ellen.S Full Member

    Love hotspots, cassaroles and stews in winter but only ones I know how to cook are very calorie orientated with massive dumplings :0(

    Does any one have a nice recipie that would be either free or low syns please. It's for all the family to eat so needs to be hearty n filling

    Thanks xx
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  3. LHutch90

    LHutch90 Full Member

    How would you normally cook a casserole or a stew ? x
  4. Ellen.S

    Ellen.S Full Member

    Normally with tins if oxtail sound. Stock cubes and Garvey, n if it's to watery I add flour,

    It's the old style way my gran thought me x
  5. LHutch90

    LHutch90 Full Member

    Well i make them by boiling my veg up first, then boil/cook whichever meat i'm using at the time. Put it all into one big pot with some stock (chicken or beef, depending), let it simmer for a while, then thicken up with oxo cubes. If I want it to be thicker, I will then use gravy granules, bisto usually, but syn them as I'm going along. Usually use about 4 tbsp of gravy granules, so i syn it as 4 syns for the casserole/stew. Sometimes I don't need to bother with gravy granules, which is a nice bonus sometimes :) xx
  6. Ellen.S

    Ellen.S Full Member

    That's fab. I'll try that, iv never really cooked a stew or anything if the like as each time iv done sw it's been in a summer so salads have been the main food sauce :0)

    But thanks for responding xx
  7. LHutch90

    LHutch90 Full Member

    No problem, happy to help :) xx
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