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Chicken & green salad?

It probably wouldn't, but, why would you want to do that? The idea of Lipotrim is to remove yourself from food - not just to lose weight, but to learn something about what triggers you to overeat.

Also, if it were me, I think one meal would be the start of a very slippery slope & I'd end up back where I started.

it wouldnt take you out of ketosis , but you would have to have the 3 shakes as if you just had 2 and the meal you wouldnt have all the nutrients you need . It sounds similar to a plan cambridge do , and it may be worth swapping and doing it properly with the right guidelines if you need to add food
It's just that I am going away with my family over Easter and thought I may add a meal when they are eating out as they find it hard, I haven't decided yet, just wanted to check just in case!! I had heard that someone had done it but thought I'd check myself, Thanks!


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Don't do it!! Lipotrim is a TOTAL food replacement programme and will only work properly if you stick to it 100%. You certainly shouldn't risk your hard work because of what other people (family or not) might think.

Good luck

Deffinetly wouldnt take you out of ketosis. But I would advise against it if on TFR. Just make sure its a green leaf salad. :)

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Think you should stick with TFR for the present. It is easy to avoid food in such situations. Just order a nice coffee and a mineral water and sit there and sip while everyone eats. You could always bring a flapjack and eat that while they are eating. I have done this a few times and it was o.k. It's no big deal once you do it the first time.


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Just remember who you are doing lipotrim for. Are you doing it for you or for them. There will always be awkward times but you wont always be on lipotrim. Short term awkwardness for long term wonderfulness!!


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Be mindful that although it won't take you out of ketosis it could affect your losses for that week. If you think you have the will power to only eat that one time (and only you can honestly answer this) and you TRULY think that eating the chicken and green salad will keep you on track rather than falling of the LT train altogether then make the decision that suits you.

I know we all have targets and goals and have set down time frames for our losses, but we all also lose at different levels so don't beat yourself up too much about it - as long as you continue to lose is what really really matters.

The thing with families and friends too though, to bear in mind, they sometimes think that LT is too extreme and some even want you to fail without realising. I have very supportive people around me but a couple I just know are waiting for me to 'put the weight back on'. I had an important meeting yesterday and it was actually centered on lunch!!!! I walked in with my vanilla shake, refused the food wafted under my nose LITERALLY and said 'no I have my lunch here thanks' and I offered no other explanation!! I felt so powerful it was great.

Have you thought about calling the restaurant and asking if they will accomodate making up your soup for your meal - just say you have extremely special dietary issues at the moment!! They may just help. (worth a try)
Thank you all for your very good positive advice, will let you now what I decide and how I get on. xx


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It's just that I am going away with my family over Easter and thought I may add a meal when they are eating out as they find it hard, I haven't decided yet, just wanted to check just in case!! I had heard that someone had done it but thought I'd check myself, Thanks!
:eek: They find it hard?!!!

Tough effin' luck i say. It doesnt bother you so why should it bother them!!!!!

Who gives two flying pigs about what they think - you are doing this diet for you, not them!
I agree with Summergurl, put yourself first, this diet is hard enough without having to worry about how other people are feeling about it!

I've eaten Tuna steaks twice a week for the last couple of weeks. It has'nt affected my weight loss. IHavent eaten any this week, Just to see if there s much difference. I also put skimmed milk in my coffee a few times a day. I'm committed to losing weight and I will do it. Everyone is different, so make the decision yourself, Take advice from people who have been successfull. (I'm not qualified, I'm only getting started and have alot to learn) You've had your question answered. But your the only person who can answer, Do I really want to lose this weight, is you. You are Doing this for you.
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after reading this back it looks as if my family is not very supportive, quite the opposite actually, its just we don't get to go away very often so 1 or 2 days of planned refeed then back on to TFR should be ok, as long as i'm incontrol, only time will tell tho so will let you know, thanks for all the advise tho xx


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Good luck Blodwen, am thinking about you this Easter holiday. Seems there are a few of us in this same situation and it'll be good to see how we all get on. I might start a specific thread.

Please update us though x lisa x
Great guys just had my 4th WI lost another 5lb and the pharmasist is happy with me refeeding for the weekend just keep it to salad or green veg so am going to give it a go!!

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