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chicken soup


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I tried it and personally did not like it and could not stomach it. But my advise would be to try it for yourself. Some people just love it. Everyone has different tastes so you will never know unless you try.

Get one and see how it goes, good luck!
I would definitely say to try it. I liked it for a few weeks and then didn't like it - dunno why!

Also, you could try having the choc hot, or adding coffee to the vanilla and having that hot - again, i don't like the shakes hot, but loads of people swear by them :)


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I like the soup, although I used to make it with 300ml of hot water, I prefer it weaker now..so, use about 500ml but I am always stuffed afterwards.

A lot of people dont like it, but I have always found it ok and enjoyed it.

I like the fact of having something hot as I always seem to be freezing cold with the shakes! I suppose got something to do with crushing about 16 icecubes with it!!

Have a go, you might hate it, but you could love it too!!


I will do this!!!
STAY AWAY!!!! thats all i need to say
I wrenched :cry:was so looking forward to it
so my first day has been a disaster messing up vanilla hating those and soup now water water water how nice lol
oh and earl grey tea is ok


I will do this!!!
I have 21 chocolate shakes everyweek....not very varied but i like them so i dont waste any of my shakes trying flavours i know i wont like. You soon learn what you like and hat you dont!
Plus, many people here have reported pharmacies are often willing to swap sachets if you find you've bought something you don't like - so give that a try.

But try everything once :)
I triesd the soup in my 2nd week, its ok but not great, if you want something hot try making your chocolate shake with peppermint tea>>>> You have a mint hot chocolate, after not eating for 2weeks it was like heaven xx
Soup's ok...

I quite like the chicken soup! Nothing special, like those cup-a-soup things, but closest I get to a hot meal ;)

I do have it as a chicken drink, in a mug, rather than as a soup...


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I am on week 1, and have tried the varying shakes, and although I dont rate the chicken soup, I can imagine that it makes enough of a change from shake that its bearable.

I found the first few sips ok, but not so good after, if my next ones the same I will be having a 2-course meal twice a day......chicken soup, then a dessert, now do i fancy choccy, strawb or vanilla.....what a choice.

Good luck with it all.

I think you should give it a go. It is worth trying all the flavours. I hated the soup and started on just strawberry and peanut flapjack but got 1 vanilla about 2 months in to try and loved it! Did the same with chocolate about 2 months after that and loved that too! I only wish I had tried them earlier!

As for the soup, I was never brave enough to try it again but then I've never been a soup fan - whether tinned, cup-a-soup or homemade!



Wants to Maintain Gd!!
i got a pack of this today, how do i make it?

Sorry for being dumb!


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The soup is deffo an acquired taste however (for me) I found it more palatable by making it thinner (ie by adding more water) & by adding dried chili flakes & black pepper... much much better plus you get more soup for your sachet :)


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
How do i make the soup??


Life is not a Rehersal!
Now what I do....

Boil kettle
Once boiled, fill my blender (well it is called a Rondo, blades) to around 400ml

Pop in the soup

BLITZ IT for a few seconds.

Take out the blade

Shuv in the micro for 40 secs

Put in a big mug...

And I always drink it with water next to me too! So, for some reason it helps me drink more water...

Then enjoy....although most people would run a mile :))))) I am one of the ones that likes the soup!!

Hope you get on ok...

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