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Chicken Soup

Don't talk to me about the chicken soup lol, I can't stomach it one bit :yuk:, tried adding chilli flakes and other herbs but It just didnt work for me, although some of the other on this seem to like it....its not for my taste buds either, i'll just stick to the shakes. Best of luck mate! :D


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Its weird - when i first started lipotrim i didn't like the chocolate or strawberry - so only had vanilla (with coffee) and chicken soup (which i liked) ... on week 3 i decided to try the chocolate and strawberry again and it was lovely - so my advice would be to leave the chicken soup for a week or so and you might find you like it once your taste buds have changed.


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I like the chicken soup but I can't take it without adding a little something. It has not changed anything at all for me. I can't see how a sprinkling of black pepper will alter my weight loss drastically. And to be honest even if it did, the pepper or chilli flakes make it possible for me to eat the soup so that is ALL GOOD as it keeps me on track.

I've also used thai curry paste, but then noticed it had a smidgeon of citric acid in it so knocked that on the head, but have used curry powder instead.

I look foward to it of an evening. Lisa
I too enjoy the chicken now I'm three months in, didn't initially. I add a half teaspoon tandoori curry powder (Tescos own) and its really spicey and nice. Coffee with the vanilla is fine too. Don't use any of the others at present.


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Chilli chicken soup and curried chicken soup are good for me too. You just have to make sure there is no sugar in the curry powder. Without some spice the chicken soup is just too creamy and bland IMO.

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