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Chicken Soup

Best way is with a blender cuz if you shake boiling water in a shaker it builds up pressure and might explode!!! And if you do it with a fork ul likely get lumps (yak). Also have you got flapjacks for week 1?!! I thought they were week 3+ only???!!!
Hi squeeze86

Yeah I got three flapjacks for week 1 just to try them. Pharmacist didn't say they were for week three onwards or anything.

I don't have a blender, could I mix it could and heat it up in the microwave or on in a pan?
Worth a go I guess. Let us know if it works! I don't drink the soup cuz I cannot bear it. But my mum loves it and she uses a little handheld blender thing that costs about £5 in the value ranges of like Argos and tesco etc.

Also let us know what u think of the flapjacks. I'm too scared to try them lol. I'm sure they are week 3 plus, but if your pharmacist has allowed you them then I guess it's ok!!

Good luck with ur first few days, they can get pretty tough but seriously just stick with it, drink tons of water and use this forum to get by. And before u know it, it will be a piece of p!ss :) xx

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I agree with Squeeze the soup is rank! I havent tried flap jacks but i was offered them on my first consultation???? Have u tried them yet?
I love the soup, i put cold water in a pan then add the soup and whisk it till hot, pour in a mug and drink :)


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curvygirlyclaire said:
I love the soup, i put cold water in a pan then add the soup and whisk it till hot, pour in a mug and drink :)
I'm exactly the same... Cold water (I use 400ml) in with the powder, stir with a whisk, while heating in a pan on the stove...
Makes me feel like I'm cooking a proper meal and never had lumps in it once...


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My pharmacist said to use 500ml of cold water, blend it in the blender like a shake and then heat in the mic for a couple of mins. appreantly this gives th best results on taste and thickness....???? I am gonna try it tonight, not had soup before!!! :)
I use 500mls too, I use my hubbys Giant mug lol, I love it done in the pan, like Amanda says, it's like cooking a proper meal xx
Errgh well the flapjacks were rank, I'll have to nip into the pharmacy and see if they will let me swap the two I have left!!

Not tried the soup yet I'm off to do that now ha ha
I love the soup, but i make it exactly the same as i do the other shakes, put the half pint of boiling water in a jug, add the soup mix and blend, i use a hand held blender that you turn yourself, i also have a cheap electric blender (£4 from Asda) but find the hand held one just as good. Love the soup with a bit of salt, its a nice change to have something hot xx


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I pour on boiling water, and blend , but yes just whisk in a pan of boiling water if you don't have a blender, I add a bit of curry powder or chilli powder, as can't bear it otherwise!

I did this last year for 6 weeks and it never affected my weight loss. ;)
Oooh i like that idea of curry powder (dont like chilli) what curry powder do u use ??
Oooh i like that idea of curry powder (dont like chilli) what curry powder do u use ??
Black pepper is supposed to be not to bad as it is pure, but others inc curry and chilli can be mixed with things like sugar, so be careful :)
Which ever way you make it, can I recommend drinking it cup-a-soup style. I tried "eating" it from a bowl, but it was a waste of time, it's too watery. Drinking it from a cup is much better, plus it's ideal for warming you hands!
Gosh i was too scared to try the soup! Mayyy try it later though...


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I just use oridinary mild curry powder, about 1/2 tsp to a big mug of the soup, as Nomorepie say's it's a waste of time from a bowl, much to watery!

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