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Chicken Soup

Excuse my language but **** me that Chicken Soup is absolutely the most disgusting thing I have even eaten. I must have gagged my way through it and that was after added a shed load of pepper into it :jelous:

Oh and I thought the Vanilla was bad earlier. I think I may have to try and have all my meals as smoothies with lots of ice.

On the bright side, I am hungry not not tempted to eat :D And definitely not after that soup :eek:
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hahah dont worry hun i hated it when i first tried it now i love it, i add gaz suggestion, smoked paprika, bit of garam masla and some chilli, yummy
How did you get the lumps out of it?

I was going to use my electric whizzer but I heard someone say that if it goes foamy then it tastes really bad??

I honestly don't think I will be able to try that again for a while, I am gagging just thinking about it :jelous:
i use one of those handheld whiskers that u use for lattes cost about a fiver and have to keep going till they are all gone cos not nice if you come across any, like i said i hated it but after garys suggestions of adding some spicy stuff and after a while on cold shakes i got use to them and enjoy them now, feels like im having proper food, your taste buds do change too jx
lmco, you will get use to the meals, honest. The blender I have at work foams the soup and the one at home doesnt either way I love the soup


Says it as it is!!!
No ...don't listen to GAZ the soup is only good for unblocking sink/drains and killing slugs!!!!!
I managed nearly 1 spoonful before i was heaving!!!!...but the rest are ok...recommend the Flap jacks ...que the G man x
Soup is where its at all that other sweet stuff oooooooo you will carry sweet toothed when ya finished with LT
Hahaha, each to their own I guess.

I am going to try the strawberry one tonight when I get home from work wizzed up with lots of ice. Hopefully that will make it a bit better :D

I almost hope I don't get a taste for them, but still stick to the diet, cause what kind of food will I want to eat when I finish this diet :rolleyes:

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I use a fork and whisk all shakes and soup from a thick paste adding water bit by bit, that way its smooth. and even better i'm burning calories doing the work!
must take you ages to eat the soup with a fork xx

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
haha makes it last longer.. that way i never go hungary!
Why would you want to go to Hungary its not that good?

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Oooops! My bad! never been to hungary...... been to hungryville tons of times tho (never gave in tho for the record!)
lol xx
The soup is pure evil as far as I am concerned. Had I tried that before the choc and the strawberry I would not have lasted the day. It should carry a warning label! xxx :eek:
harsh elle harsh words...................soupist xx

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
I can have the soup with hot water and with a straw and thats it. I didnt know you could add to it can you put salt in it?

Lisa xx
No salt in anything x

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