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Chicken Soup

i liked mine i had plenty of pepper needs a good mix tho because if no pepper eurghhhits a no no but im gonna try it spicy hot next time


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Hi Roddy,
I've been on it since July, and always add about a quarter to half a teaspoon of dried chilli flakes, (you'll find your own level of taste), the same of garlic granules, and a few twists of black pepper from the grinder. If you make it with boiling water and use a stick blender in your shaker, it's really nice. Never make a hot one using the lid on on your shaker!! :eek: (unless you want to redecorate the kitchen!) Hope you enjoy it, it warms you up in this freezing weather. :gen125::gen125: xx


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Oh I love the chicken soup. It has a slightly sweet taste to me, not unlike sweetcorn! I add either chilli flakes or half a teaspoon of curry powder. To compare it, I think it tastes just like a chicken cuppa soup. Also I like it because I can sit down with my family and 'eat' with them.

Why don't you ask your chemist for a sample so you can try it?

:) :) :)


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I added chinse five spice at first nad it was yum but then some one said not to incase it had citrus in it and thats a big no no.

My pharamasist so you can add chilli powder but not the flakes!!

I just have to plain now to be honest.. Just dont smell it and you will be grand :)


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I love the soup. I just put black pepper in it and I'm away. I always have it when the family are having their main meal cos then i dont feel like I'm missing out!

Claire xx

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:eek: Sorry I found the soup disgusting but then I dont particulary like cup a soups or soups. It didnt help when i made a black cold coffee and mixed it with soup instead of vanilla. YUK!! :eek: XX
hi sweetie, i got given like 84 packets of soup in my first week( not reall y that many but alot!) and by the end of the week i hated it. I made it taste better with pepper and paprika and i lost a stone so think the spices must be alright.
It's ok in small doses. Dn't overload on it else you'll proberly end up hating it!!!god luck!xxx
hmmm sounds good! your all with the idea of adding chilli/curry, and i like spice, i might give it ago, but i really dont wana ruin things...

hmmmm what to do what to do!
i added all sorts still dont really like it lol


I will be skinny again!!!
I like it because its kinda like my version of a warm meal :) lol


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The soup tasted nice at the beginning for me but then it started to taste quite sickingly. I think it is an aquired taste thoug, give it a try.


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Got some soups 2day myself so guna giv these tips a go myself 2night! Yum yum xx
But always use a hand held blender to make it!!! The first time I made it i tried to mix it and it was gross with loads of lumps in >.<

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