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Chika = How are you doing?


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Hi Nikki!

How are you? Thanks for the thread sweets.

I'm not bad - after getting a bit sick mid novenmber i kindda stopped ssing and I lost the plot recently and have eaten whatever I wanted and drank too much too.

I'm just trying to find the motivation to start ssing again. I know it will get easier but can't face it at all. I definatly need to start this week though. Although I've been terrified to get back on the scales I just hopped on and I've put on about a stone which I'm not too upset about - its all glycogen *she says*

I'm a bit apprehensive about starting SS again too, mainly because I keep messing it it and secondly because I have so many other things that I could spend the cash on and I dont want to mess it up again. I almost feel like I wasted all the money I spent on CD last year cos I haven't really lost a massive amaount of weight - does that make sense?

I have just over two weeks supply in the kitchen - I think i will use those for the next couple of weeks and see how it goes and then if I manage to do it sucessfully I will go and see Bev and somehow find the cash to continue. Ebay beckons . . .

Sorry about the mini essay and hope it makes sense - you are perhaps the only people in the world who understand this crazy diet!

What are you doing? Are you SSing restarting? If so when?

Chika xx


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Hiya,Sounds like me... well I have wasted my money too, now back to the weight I was back at the beginning of October, but luckily haven't got to the 15stone marker, and don't want to. I have 44 days worth of CD, and money is really really tight at the moment, but I think I have decided to be selfish for a few months and put myself first for a change, get this weight off and it will be a happier house for everyone!!I have eaten and drank too, everything I have wanted and not really enjoyed that much of it... decided that once this weight is off, I will cook everything from scratch.. none of these microwave meals etc.. a healthier me.. but need to get my head around it... When I am in work tomorrow I am going to print my first photo off and carry it round with me... it is my birthday 13th January and even if I am on SS I will stick with it... so I am hoping for a restart tomorrow... fingers crossed I will last the day...a day at a time and all that...Sorry for my essay!!Love


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lol no its good to let it all out. Thank you so much for starting this thread cos you have inspired me to actually start again tomorrow! Its my mum's bday on teh 13th of Jan too and even though we always go out for a family meal Im not having anything! Lets do it girl! No more food - I'm even going to donate the contents of my fridge to my mother tomorrow. xx
Hiya my lovely ladies!!! Happy new year to you both .... and hopefully a slimmer one too! For all of us - yes I'm back with you again!! I SO understand where both of you are, financially and diet wise and it's so difficult to SS at Xmas. I'm hoping to do a mixture of SS plus 790 on the days I don't feel so strong - I'm into caulifloer and broccoli mashed together with cottage cheese!!

Come on both of you - I know you can do it ... and hopefully we can send cyber support and will power to each other. (((HUGS)))


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Hi Bev how are you? Sorry I'm the worst client on earth! I will call u this week - I started again this evening - i forgot to take my packs to work so I had a kfc for lunch - beat me please! I had a shake for dinner though!

Nikki how is it going? remember the water! Have you seen MochaJ about?

Chi x


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
I have managed to go the whole day in work just with water, had a bar when i came in and just had half a tetra... have had cottage cheese and tuna (as I needed something) hopefully once ketosis kicks in I won't need it!! I have drank 3 litres of water so far today... and intend to drink another 2...

Why is it as soon as you come home you just want to eat naughty stuff... I want a good weight loss this week, hopefully most of what I have put on... going to try and avoid the scales...

I haven't seen Mocha J around... we will have to arrange to meet up at Bev's - Chika!!!

Bev, thank you for your cyber motivation, I hope it works and sending it right back to you too...

Must update my ticker now!



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Go Nikki - you are my CD inspiration :) You are doing brilliantly :) and yes having a joint CD meeeting/party sounds good! Bev are u up for it? We could drink sparking water and pretend its bubbly . . .

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