Childhood memories....


The Diet Guy
I bought one of these for my eldest daughter about 26 (ahem!) years ago when I was a skint teenage single parent. Having seen me use a public phone box (yes - they are a dying breed too) because I couldn't afford my own, she copied me and posted real money in the slots of the chatterphone.

That was all well and good but there were days I was so borassic that I would sit for ages with a knife trying to shake the dosh out again!! I never resorted to actually destroying the phone to get the paltry 30p or so that she'd posted but I was sorely tempted at times!! :rolleyes:

I can still remember having to walk the three miles into town because I didn't have the bus fare, knowing there was money in that bl**dy phone!! I just wanted to smack its happy smiling face in!!

Ahhh memories!! :D
awwwh i memba this!! i want one too..hehe...ive seen the newer ones n they look good luv 2 get my lil guy this tho...wonder how shippin to Ireland is..hmmm...

I've still got mine - well my mums got it - its gone through us kids and the grandkids - Oh I love the way the eyes move and the noise it makes when you pull it along!