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chilli con carne

I love it! Used to add some dried chillis to it and it great. Are you sure you mixed it properly? Mine was the consistency of what the real stuff would look like, and in my mind it tasted the same too. Mind you, it had been almost 7 months without any food so maybe I was convincing myself!


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I love it!
But it really is one of those love/hate packs, bit like the porridge (which I haven't tried but it gets mixed reviews too!)
I make mine by just pouring enough boiling water in so that all the powder dissolves, then microwaving it for a minute, I find with my microwave if I do it for the recommended two minutes it ends up really dry and literally have to scrape it off the bowl!
But don't give up on the chilli just get, your tastebuds will change during LL and you may find in a few weeks that you really like it! I hated the vanilla shakes made with hot water at the beginning, but now I can't get enough of them!


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I used to not mindit for the first few days but after today's lunch I have now decided I cannot bear it anymore :(
Will stick to my porridge :)
ok!!! A lot more pro chillis - I will give it another go!!
The chilli was the first food pack I ever had when I started LL It almost made me cry ( a bit dramatic... I know lol) I couldn't eat it. Tried it again last month and nope still made me want to cry lol
Taste wasn't too bad but omg the texture was awful!
Well, the chilli con carne one is one I received in my first weeks assortment and being a vegetarian is one of the ones I am not looking forward to trying! I know they are suitable for vegetarians but I don't want anything that tastes of meat even though it isn't.

I am going to be brave and make this now! Here goes......

oh by the way I had the lemon bar earlier and it's been the first thing I haven't liked, not bad enough to not finish it but I didn't like the overwhelmingly artificial lemon taste.

Chilli con carne here I come....,
Oh dear lord! I have managed half of the chilli con carne. I got over the look of it but the taste is revolting. I'd rather eat cotton wool! :D

So, what are we supposed to do if we can't manage a food pack? Next wednesday I can pick and choose the flavours I like but as this is my first week I have only what they have given me and it's only enough for the three a day (I'm on lighterlife lite).

I really did give the con carne a good try but I cannot stomach another mouthful. I have never eaten chili con carne in normal food form so this flavour foodpack is definately not for me.


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I know. I'm with you on that. It's unbearable! Can you pop in to see your LLC soon? They can swap your packs at anytime :)
Don't torture yourself with something you hate because it will put you off.
I hope you can swap your pack. For me, it would be torture to EVER have to have another "strawberry" milkshake >shudder<. We were discussing packs in group last night and it's really interesting how polarising the flavours are. Good job LL does quite a wide range so there's something for all of us!
Thanks gals, my daughter who is being very supportive has now said, "I didn't like to say anything at the time but it looked like cat food!", with regards to the chilli con carne!

I have one more pack to have today and funnily enough I was going to try the strawberry one!

As I've enjoyed all the packs on the last 4 days, I think day 5 (today) has not been good in terms of taste!

Ones I am not looking forward to are chicken and the tomato one. I do have some small square sachets of vegetable broth which don't appeal to me either! Broth, to me conjures up images of peasants sat around a stew pot over an open fire from about 200 years ago!

I've never eaten broth and am have very dubious feelings about it!
The tomato one is very peculiar. Drinkable, but strange. I haven't ordered it this week. The broth is surprisingly nice. My last pack tonight is banana - was going to try doing a thick milkshake with ice cubes...
I can't imagine what broth tastes like, I have the idea in my mind of dirty dishwater! Sorry I sound so negative about the savoury ones, I did enjoy the thai chilli one. For my third pack today I have just had the vegetable one and although it's ok I wouldn't rave over it.

When I spoke to the lady last week she told me that one woman on lighterlife only orders the porridge and another one the chocolate shake!

I don't think I could limit myself to one flavour but if I can have a mixture of at least four or five flavours I like then I will be happy.


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I tried the chili and was suprised ! but it does look like dog food :sigh:..

Im sticking to firm favorites at the moment (porridge and hot chocolate !) and ill put one or two new flavours in to try but the chicken soup was hell, left this nasty after taste in my mouth for hours.

The broth was ok, bit like an over salted stock cube to me though but it did help on my first few days.

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