Chilli con carne


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Hi girls
Need ur advice again :cry:
Am making chilli con carne for tea and am cheating with a colmans packet mix which is 8 syns but as this is between 4 of us does that mean that really I am only having 2 syns????
Sorry if I sound thick :confused: just confused lol
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yeah thats what my consultant says


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The only spices I add to chilli con carne is cumin, chilli powder and mixed herbs. It's so easy I've never tried a packet mix.


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cardamon pods ...ewww... be careful!!
when i had a full fat indian, they had put cardamon pods in it and i didnt know - so i was busily munching away when i chewed on one of them eeerrrr.. It was gross ,like eating a perfumed soaked hard lump !!.I spat it out and carried on eating , then i went and ate another one ...that was it ,I threw my indian away OOOHHHH no cardamon pods -nasty things LOL
I have made my own curries with them but now I count them in and count them out !!!!LOL


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Thanks girls just seems cheaper to use the packet mix but I do use the slow cooker xxxx


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I also use the packet mixes but the schwatz ones for spaghetti bolognaise and beef stew!! I know its gonna taste like it did the last time I liked it and well I am just a crap cook, so much easier. lol


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theres a fab chilli recipe in the lastest sw mag its easy(honest)and ive had it twice now!!
give it a go

Yes, I've done that one a few times. Although to get my 1/3 plate more EE friendly I've added grated carrots, chopped fresh toms, peppers & 1/2 bag meat free mince, you would never now the difference!!