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choc bars and ketosis


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I've just started on the CD having been on LT. Yesterday lunchtime had a choc bar, shake in the evening and felt hungry - ignored it and today had a bar for breakfast and am hungry again - I normally have my second shake around 4.00.Checked my ketosis level and its barely pink. I'm still drinking the same amounts of water and black coffee
Is this the bars causing it or is it just my body adjusting to CD from LT.
Should i not eat any more bars or just ignore it as a blip
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right i may be wrong, but your not allowed to have bars until your 3rd week, as they have more carbs in,

you should be on 3 shakes or soups a day for the 1st 2 weeks if your doing ss

i'm sure someone will come along and confirm this.
right thanks i didn't know that


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Hi Julie, I have read somewhere they can knock people out of ketosis, did you CDC not mention that? If it's still even barely pink you should still be okay though, don't you think? ;)


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If your stix are showing any pink at all, you should still be in ketosis.

Even if they are beige you can be.

The pink only shows up if there is an overflow of ketones. Not that you don't have them. So medium pink or light pink is fine :)

As for the bars. Yes, you can have them now having come from LL, but some people do find they make them hungry.

The Cranberry or peanut ones are probably the best if you are sensitive to them. Might need a bit of experimenting.


please try again
some people save there bars till the end of the day or even chop them up and have them throughout the day to combat this


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Thats brilliant - it was just the feeling of wanting to eat that took me by surprise but if its normal then its not a problem - I think tomorrow i'll stick to milk shakes.
Summayah - are you allowed to cut them up and not eat them all together. Perhaps I'll try it

Many thanks to all your replies - its strange cos I feel like a newbie !
I never have a bar at the beginning of the day for that reason! tend to have 2 halves of a shake at work and then another 2 halves when I get home followed by a bar. The bars make me hungry, but I love them!


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i love the bars!! i tend to think i won't want one a day and only buy enough for one every other day then run out a week before i see my cdc!! (i see her fortnightly). can't wait until i see her on tuesday to stock up on bars and porridge!!

abz xx
i love the bars but i dont have them anymore as they dont make me feel full .xx


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I love the bars and I have one for breakfast every morning. I tend to cut them into sixteenths and thoroughly chew them. Some reason I tend to feel full until my shake at lunch so I regard the bars as a firm plus :)


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I've had porridge, soup and a choc bar in 2 stages this evening. For me that seems a better way of doing it as i'm not as hungry in the evening. Thanks for all the advice

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