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Choc mint


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I've never dared try any of the shakes hot. Do you just make them with hot water from the kettle? I know that sound like a really dim thing to ask...


Size 14 here i come!
Oohh i love mine nice and cold, haven't tried it hot/warm yet but it is lovely, it is like drinking an after eight drink. Butterscotch and choc mint are my favs!
yeah, just make them with hot water. we're not supposed to microwave the packs cos it can destroy some of the nutrients. try a hot choc tetra too. tip the contents into a big mug and top up with hot water. yum yum xxx


Lovin it !!! :)
OMG - Chocmint is THE only flavour.
I LOVE it. I have it in a dish with hardly any water so its thick like a mousse - it's just the best ever - really sickly & scrum - all washed down with a large black coffee - just can't beat it :)
Hot - it's the best, I generally have 2 a day and I love it.

Put the powder in a jug, pour on about 130mls boiling water and blend - absolutely gorgeous.

I make the toffee & walnut the same way too - love that one as well.
I like it hot and cold!! Cold best with a few ice cubes and blended to within an inch of it's life :D
I have all my choccy ones hot, yep ust add hot water from the kettle, it makes me feel like in having a hot chocolate :)


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Mmmmm choc mint is wonderful hot, hot, hot.

Just like hot choccie, is wonderful. I par boil the kettle (just below boiling) and then whizz it up in a blender. No idea how much water I use, but it make over a mug full. Is bloody wonderful


hoping for a good loss
just had my hot mint shake - was yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumy
Mix-a-mousse makes it a lovely mousse :)

melts in the mouth like a mint aero :)


please try again
i cannot bare hot drinks

i only have choc mint, my order each week is so easy, one box of choc mint please, lol

2 of them i have as shakes and they must be icey cold for the best taste
the 3rd i have as a mousse, omw its better than sex!


running strictly on fat!


please try again
but should i tell him the choc mints better ........ lol

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