Started yesterday


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Hey all

so after hitting 13 stone and staying there for over a year no matter what diet I tried I’ve decided to give this a go .

yesterday was okay ... breakfast smoothie 😊 for breakfast ... mint choc shake for dinner 😊.... Macaroni cheese for tea 😊 and orange bar for supper 😐 .... only managed 3 pints of water tho and had a headache last night .

today I had the apple and cinemon oats blended 😐 the cinemon was a bit strong .... a banan milkshake 🤢 for dinner ( I love banana milkshake too so was gutted )

just trying to get through the items at the moment to determine what I like and dont .... shepherds pie for tea

good luck to everyone xx
Welcome, Kerry! There are others doing vlcds - check out the Exante and Lipotrim threads too as well as CD for inspiration and current Minimers doing shakes etc.
Good luck! I am doing Lipotrim total food replacement. Well done for being able to stay at 13 stones, that is an achievement in itself! Wishing you continued success.