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Choc Muller Lights (syn confusion)

My C last night said ALL of the Mullerlights were free. I mentioned that I had heard on here that the cherry one was 2 syns and she said that was for the Muller layers but that all MullerLIGHTS were free!

Where did people hear that it was 2 syns? Just curious as I don't know who to believe??!!
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ooo i havent seen the cherry choc one, jsut the vanilla choc one


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My SWC read out an email from Head Office at class which stated that they are all free accept the cherry layer one which is 2 syns! Not bad though for chocolate and cherry :D

Mrs V

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Where can I buy them??? Doing a big shop later and they all sound fab!


I ate my willpower!
Sainsburys and Asda I know are selling them, not sure about Morrissons and my Tesco didn't have them.
Eep! Mine were £2.98 for a multipack in tesco metro :mad:


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£1.48 for multipack which includes the cherry one at Sainsburys. Gave the Cherry ones to my boss as it still worked out cheaper than the offer of 4 yoghurts for £2 and just kept the Choc and Orange and Choc and Vanilla which are both delicious!! They had the singles in my Tesco but only the vanilla they said they would all be in eventually just a bit slow with being new.
sainsburys are selling them only as a multi pack of 6 for £1.48
Thanks ladies! Will count the cherry as 2 just to be safe.


I ate my willpower!
Just got some at Tesco! I got the last pack. They were £2.98!! :eek: Still, worth it me thinks.
HI all, I'm a newbie to minimin but have come back to slimming world after a break.....I've joined the forum as the classes were getting too expensive, but I could do with the support some times!

I love the muller lights, but I stick to the fruit ones as I thought the other flavours had syns?

Can anyone tell me how many syns are in the toffee, apple pie and lemon cheese cake flavours??
They are ALL free muppet!

In morrisons they only have the vanilla and choc single, not the multipack ones and i havent seen the orange n choc or the cherry layer single!

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