Choc Scanbran cake


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I'm pretty sure there's a recipe for it in the recipes folder above - just search for scan bran...


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thanks for this. Found it. Is it nice?

Also, can you use Cadburys Highlights instead of Options?



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I just made one using recipe I found somewhere on here...

5 Scan Bran (broken up, mushed in boiling water - only use as much water as you need to. You don't want it too soggy)
3 Beaten Eggs
1 Tbsp Golden Syrup
1 oz cocoa powder
Half a mug of sweetener

Beat it all together and microwave on high for 7 mins.

Whole thing is 9 syns (or 4 syns if you're have scanbran as a B)

Mine came out pretty yummy.


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Nutella works well with scan bran and you don't need much