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chocaslims slimming journey


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Hi everyone i am starting tomorrow as my pack came today and i have been having a browse this will be the place i come to when feeling the need to scoff :D.

I am a mum of 1 and a wife of a very supportive hubby i need to lose about a stone but going for bite size chunks first.
is it me or is the pro point wheel confusing to use but i'm sure il get used to it.
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adores posting
Hi just thought i'd better start listing what i've eaten today so here goes:
monday,16th may.
ww crackers and ww jam=2
Apple and a banana=0

Was very busy at work with 4hrs Ironing so didnt get to eat as also short staffed

snack= chocolate cake less than 1cm wide so i worked it out to be=6 although this seems a lot just want to be sure.

a pink wafer=1

Dinner=ww meal=7
ww bread=1
5 pasta quills=1

so far thats 18 so i'd better have a snack later i might have a bowl of porridge with fruit
EDIT=No porridge but i did have ww crisps=2
ww yoghurt and ww biscuits=4
so todays total=24
ive bought a huge gobstopper but not sure how many points they are.

so far i'm really enjoying it and i think because i have a lot of ww foods im not thinking about food as much as i was when on sw.
still confused about the points wheel but it doesnt take much lol:D

i also bought a big bag of ww chips and lots of frozen meals from farm foods but some of them are the old points so i need to work them out.
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Overweight or undertall?!
hi and all the best

i've never used the wheel, looks too complicated so i use either the ww website or the ipod app or the blackberry one, much simpler to just put the figures in and calculate x


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hi smirnoff thanks i think i'll have to look at getting a calculator cant see me using the wheel out shopping it takes long enough as it is.:)


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Breakfast=ww crackers and ww jam=2
ww yoghurt=1
went to a bible study and had a chocolate brownie not sure how many points but it was small.
Lunch=3x rice cakes and ww jam=2
snacks=2x pink wafers=2
so thats 7pps so far but ive got my last weight in today with sw and will use most of my points for dinner after that


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well i had my final sw wi today and as expected i gained but its not as bad as i thought it would be only 0.5lbs so im still under 10stone just!!!
going to be 100% on track this week so hoping for a good result.
Well done chocoslim and welcome on board to WW propoints. I hope this will fit in better to your life style and a change is good anyway . You really dont need to use all ww products(quiet expensive) just eat healthy . I started back two weeks ago and cant get over how much I can eat and still loose weight . keep in touch .Breda


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Breakfast=ww crackers and jam=2
ww yoghurt=1 and pineapple
Snack=x2 bananas and an apple
Lunch=rice cakes x3 and ww jam=3
packet of ww crisps=2
1x pink wafer=1
and for dinner i've got lots of vegetables and a ww ready meal. ww fruit crumble=9
square of chocolate=1
ww biscuits=2
ww Yoghurt=1

I'm really enjoying pps and hoping for a good loss next week i'm keeping with my normal day of tuesday.
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hi folks, hope everyones ok i'm loving ww at the moment really sticking to my points without the urge to go over and knowing if i do then i have my safety net.
I've still been sticking to the ww ready meals though and i think thats why i feel quite safe i might be adventurous after my wi on tuesday and try making some of the recipes just to see how it goes.

went out for lunch today and had a french stick looked it up and its 10pp :eek: but never mind i never had breakfast so it wasnt to bad really ive had ww meal for tea with loads of veggies so thats another 7pp and a gin at lunch with my meal so thats 2pp
oh and went shopping at sainsburys and got a few more ww bits yum.:D


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Hi thanks for popping in ... yes its more restrictive than sw which i need my portion control back then was aweful huge bowls of pasta everyday and i love chocolate which i can have more often on ww yum!


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Hi all, well i thought i'd better put todays diary down im trying so hard not to go over my 29 today as i have done so for the last 3 days still below 49 but as its my first week i dont want to blow it.

I weight in on tuesday 6pm and as of then ive decided il use my 29pp a day just on 3 meals and 2 snacks and my 49pp on a daily treat i.e chocolate bar but no more than 5pps a day. if i can stick to this then great but at the moment im finding i have low pointed meals so that i can have more sweet things and this isnt going to help me be healthy.

Oats and apple with water and 1/4pt of skimmed milk=4pp
Am snack=
mini roll ww=2pp
x2 ww bread and marmite=3
pm snack=
small chocci bar=4pp
ww ready meal=5pp
evening treat=twirl=6pp

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