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Choco Balls -- So Confused!!!

Okay so i ordered the choco balls. I am doing TS 3 packs a day. I'm nearly 2 weeks in now and i had a meal at 6, banana shake at 8 and the choco balls at 8:30.

now i freaked when i read it is 2 servings!! However when i looked at the nutritional info at the back i'm rather confused.

I compared the whole pack of choco balls (35g) to my choc orange bar, and the carbs, calories and all other info was less? So why is it two servings? Are you not ok to use as one of your daily packs?

Thanks xxx
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Fighting for My Health
Unfortunately they are not one of your daily packs :( They are extras.

The choco balls do have 2 servings per pack. Each serving of choco balls is 79 cals and 5g of carbs. I'm doing Total Plus, which is 3 (or 4 if you are doing the 4 a day plan) packs per day, plus no more than 100 cals from a given list (on the website) and not exceeding 5g of carbs. The list also shows some other foods and their relative carbs, so you can work out what you want to have to make up the allowance. So this is where the choco balls are used. I think they are also used for the week on Total Solution where you have to increase your calories.

Hope that helps.
Do you know why they can't be used as one of our packs? I'm doing TS and my calories and daily carb intake.is lower when I have these than a choc orange bar xx

Thank you for replying, I'm baffled xxx


Fighting for My Health
Don't know why sorry. They just aren't designed to be a meal replacement.
Thank you hun xx
Oh brill I will take a look for their email address now, thank you xx
The choco balls are a suggested snack food I believe - on the 700 calorie or above plan. They're not intended as a meal but rather as a sweet treat option that is 'official' and fits into your diet allowance. I like the choc coating but not keen on the inside!
Choco balls!

How do they taste? (Didn't buy them because it reminded me of that sordid South Park song)

Deeps x

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