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Chocolate dreams


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So, in my first week i had not much ( i won't say no) trouble at all with not eating. Sure everything smelled good, but i knew what i was doing it for and still am doing it for. I am so sure that i have flipped the switch, that i will do this and that i will succeed.

I look forward to being in control and being able to control my weight in the future. Though i know it's not going to be easy.

So everything goes great, yet three nights ago.....

I dreamed i had a little bit of chocolate. Like two blocks from a bar. And i felt so flipping bad!! I felt so guilty and just knew i had ruined my diet!! I just knew it!
And when i woke up the feeling stayed. So i knew how it felt, and i will never ever want to feel like that.

So i thought, okay, i have learned from that, saves me trying out for real.

This night though, i had another dream. Again i had some chocolate. This time it were bonbons i found while cleaning out someone's house (beats me why i was doing that btw). But this time! i only realise like 5 minutes after i ate the whole box that i was on a diet. That i shouldn't have done that and that i (again) had ruined my diet.
It was a completely different feeling that came over me this time. I felt like, ah well i screwed up anyways, lets eat the other boxes as well (don't know how much chocolate was hidden in that house! It was like the witches house in Hansel and Grethel)

So i was really worried about what happened there :S (still in my dream) and then i realised, no i have to keep going.

Then i woke up and forgot the dream, it only came back to me when i talked to a college, (i slept at work).

So weird!!! I do hope those dreams stop soon, they are kind of freaking me out! Like they might be prospects of the future!
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Mrs Taurus

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Hi Klev, I have been on ss+ for almost 11 weeks and last Friday night dreamt I was tucking into a buffet. At least in dreams we get all the virtual experience of a pig out without the calories. x


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Hello klev

Firstly, if you are craving chocolate (if only in your dreams) then it might mean that you would benefit from ordering more chocolate based CD products. I have few bars as they make me want to eat more and more, but I do make sure that I order a good number of chocolate shakes (more than any other flavour)

As for these dreams, I am making assumptions that you are a nurse/residential social worker/support worker for people with mental health needs, which is why you do sleep-overs at work. I used to have the strangest dreams when I did waking nights as a nurse (back then we were allowed to sleep on breaks) or when I was an assistant manager of a care home and did sleep-in duties once a week. I think we are never quite the same when we are sleeping at a work environment as certainly for me there was always a thought that the waking nights staff would come and get me up for an emergency.

Just a thought but it was my immediate reaction when I read your post. It would be interesting to see if the dreams at work are more vivid and bizarre than the dreams at home x


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S: 18st10lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 27 Loss: 6st11lb(36.26%)
Blingbabe, i think you might have a point there, though the first dream was at home. And yes, you guessed right i do work in that environment. And i agree on the sleeping diff when you are in at work.
I like your theory, going to test it.

I spoke to my co-worker about this, she knows all the ins and outs about my diet and motivations and wishes. She figures i am afraid to loose control. And she might just have a point there :). I have always let food control me, as do so many others among us. And at this point, i am in control. Being able to sit at a table, with family that all eats something i would have eaten automatically, and would have taken a second plate of, without me actually really loving or enjoying the food, has opened my eyes. I just ate my soup and i even finished later then all the rest of them. And i didnt even once wanted to have a bit of theirs. It gives me such a boost to have that sort of control. To see them eat desert and not wanting it. I think i subconsciously wonder when i will loose that control, when will i cave in.

As for the ketosis thing. Might be it as well. I am not having hunger for like 5 days now, and yesterday i was so hyperactive and vivid and concentrated. That i had a phonecall from the same co-worker i mentioned above telling me she was surprised i had done such a good job on reporting after a night shift. Everybody knows those reports are usually short and stiff cause we're tired when we get out.

I am not tired now either. So maybe i have finally gotten the energy boost as well, what i was looking for!


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Yes, hunny, you're in the pink! I get that mad energy boost after a few days of slipping back in- just like I have a quadruple expresso!!! Not that many notice- you know me, mad as cheese I am :D xx

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