Chocolate Flavour tetra, bad stomach, depressed and hungry!!!!

Gloria E

Hy all, this is the second time i do CD, the first time i managed to loose 6 kls but put them back on in a matter of 4 months.
I tried to start again last week, doing 2 shakes plus one meal more or less of 400cals. however i failed!!! the i bought strawberry and chocolate flavour, and the first one was lovely but the second one gave me bad stomach, and i couldn't last the whole week. Can anyone please advise me what to do, i will see my cdc tomorrow, i feel ashamed about failing, but i dont know how to follow the diet without feeling depressed , hungry or bad stomach!!! (i want to loose 7 kilos by the second week of dec!)

Thank you:cry::cry:
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hi :)

you can do this,

the only things i can suggest is to not look into the future
and take it everyday meal by meal, it will get easier for you

remember when eating there is no such thing as failing, cheating or being bad

its food, it tastes good

a food diary may help you and having a food plan may also help

& wanting to lose 7kg by the second week in december may not be realistic if thats what Cambridge suggest for a whole month of SS

take things easy and know that being a few pounds heavier is not the end of the world, especailly if it will stop you feeling the way you are

i really do wish you the best of luck, just remember you can do this, if you head is in the right place but, if you do feel depressed and ashamed maybe you should try something a little less strict or take a break from dieting until you know your head is definatley in the right place?

and about shakes get a variety next time, or have them in a diffrent form, like freeze your tetra?
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Gloria E

Oh Opeyx thank you very much for your lovely message, it was very nice and not judgemental at all!
I went to see my cdc today and i got a variety of products like porridge, bars and some strawberry tetra, hopefully i will go well. Once again thank you for taking the time to reply!!