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Chocolate Mint....

Hiya MM,
I have never been stuck on just one but I was very very fond of banana, then the other night, I thought ewww this doesnt taste as nice as I remember and my favourite is now vanilla!
Certain ones I won't touch though..
I think that your tastes do change on this diet... even cooking meals for the family, I can almost taste the fat through the cooking aromas... I don't know if thats normal!
I would just say. keep trying different flavours you may find you will grow to like different ones and you will get very bored living on just one flavour!

see I thought that would happen... and I would grow to like other flavors.. but sometimes i just gag at the thought of some of them. especially the soups.
maybe i should try the vanilla one. i tried the strawberry one the other day and to me it just tasted like off yoghurt. lol my friend was amazed at my disgust for it lol


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I've rapidly gone off the vanilla. I don't mind the chocolate tetras but I tend to stick more to strawberry at the moment. I've hardly had a shake at all in the last week-I've had soups and bars and made the shakes into a mousse!
thats a good idea....i tried making a muffin in the microwave and it was terrible. it looked like gunge. maybe i did it wrong. i was told to add a little bit of water to the chocolate shake for half a minute or so and it just turned into putty. lol have any of you tried this.
thanks for the replies


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I don't like the Tetras but I'm fine with all the other flavours of everything (apart from peanut, because I can't eat them anyway).

The lady that lost 24½ stone on CD only had Chocolate Velvet Tetras because she didn't like anything else - imagine only eating one thing all that time! :eek: (I think I would have to have tried something else just to stop myself from going mad with boredom?)
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so far i like the cappuccino one best, but think they are all quite nice x


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I like most of the shakes except the chocolate Orange and capuccino as too sweet for me but love the tetras. just hate all the soups:p
see with the chocolate mint i convince myself its like after 8 chocolate milkshake or something and persuade myself into drinking it. but the problem is that I never have 3 shakes a day and last year my hair started to fall out because of the lack of nutrients. so i was thinking the reason i don't drink all my shakes is that I am bored of the one flavor i drink. hmmmm.


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miniminx im exactly the same, the only shake i can drink is choc mint too, the others make me heave :s lol xx


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I do love the choc mint its one of my favourites, but also love strawberry, bananna, fruits of forest, & other choc ones.... I couldnt have the same one all the time it would drive me mad!!
Hey mini the other thing i do is try them a different way!

I have tried all mine warm now and apart from banana which was just to rich, I love them warm espec strawberry,,
Tonight I had the choc as a mouse and put the barest sprinkle of chilli on it (yes chilli!!) it was very nice... and I am not a choc eater...

If I have one and it is not nice, i tell myself it is making me well! You can oversome the gag thing, the mind is very very powerful, you can get over the yuk factor... but you have to tell yourself that it isn;t that bad and really believe it!!

What ever you do, you must have all your shakes as other wise you will get sick and might find your weightloss will stall!!
Good luck, just try them every which way!



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I used to really like soup when I first started. Now it really is a pinch the nose job and shovel it in.

The only shakes I don't really like but will drink in desperate times are
Vanilla (add coffee to this but can't drink it plain)


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i have gotten over flavour novelty. i can't get excited about any of them now. making them with loads of ice like a mcD's milkshake is great. and i love making hot chocolate out of half a tetra and hot water. but generally it's just what's there is there. i can't be faffed any more so tend to stick to choc tetras, bars and porridge. ha.

abz xx


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
I'm so excited because tomorrow I get to start drinking my tetras (brought them for hospital ward and been saving them up otherwise I'll run short)



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I always used to have chocolate mint hot then i went off them now all i have is banna cold uuum tasty xx


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The only shake i like is the choc mint too. Although i love the choc tetras and can tolerate the strawberry tetras! x

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