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Chocolate mousse without gelatine

does it need to be s/w friendly, i made one but used marshmallows, double cream and chocolate was rich and yummy :) could use sugar free marshmallows and maybe fat free greek yoghurt :)
doh didn't think about that can't u buy a veggie substitute ? :)
hmm i have vege gel but never used it before, it says it doesn't set like gelatine (i think it's a bit thinner than gelatin) Might have to have a play around with the vegegel & the chocy mousse on the recipe thread here.
Your recipe sounds delish but maybe i'll save it for when i get to goal! :D
Oooo catcrazy! The one with eggs might be great if i swapped the cream for fromage frais! I'll have to work out the syns before i attempt it :D thankies
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I order mine online, from ebay...user name spiceworks. Lol, youre gonna love this bit...its use for me and many others on here is to keep you "regular" its a bulking agent not a "loosening" one so dont worry there. There are very very few calories in the stuff so I cant see it being any syns (never done SW so don't quote me on that) ...nutritional info here ------> How many calories are in Psyllium seed, husks

its used in baking for coeliacs as it holds the moisture well for cakes and breads. The husk i get probably wouldnt be suitable for a mousse unless you could mill or grind it down further.

I have mine in OJ and if I get distracted and dont drink it straight away one level tablespoon sets a glass of OJ pretty solidly in a few minutes...I have worn orange jelly on my face before now! The way it sets made me think it could be used as a gelatin substitute.
:giggle: Wobbly orange juice, sounds delightful!
Thanks for that info, i'll defo give it a go, i think i'd prefer to use a natural setting agent than vegegel which i think has additives. :) If i do have it i'll have to make sure i have my 'roughage' though :D

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