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Chocolate On Calorie Count Diet


Calorie Counter
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Hi all :)

Been on a CC diet for just under a week & loving the effects. I haven't had an official weigh in yet, but I can feel the effects & am loving it.

I've had an easter egg sitting on my kitchen table for the last week but am too afraid to eat even a small bit of it. What is the recommended amount of chocolate one should eat on a calorie controlled diet at around 1200 cals per day? I'm more worried about the saturated fats etc.

Its a M&S High School Musical one & it has no nutritional information on it at all. :mad:
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Hi Dramatic Star,
The great thing about calorie counting is that you can have anything you desire, but in moderation! Some would tell you that you could use all your 1200 calories up on chocolate and that you would lose weight. While this may be true, your body would get none of the nutrients it needs (and your body needs these nutrients to lose more weight too).

I have some chocolate every day. Usually 100 calories worth. So long as you don't go hungry by trying to save up calories for chocolate you should be fine.

If you tell us what weight the egg is, and if it's milk, dark or white maybe we could help you in determining the calories.

Good luck!


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Hi there, calorie counting is great for eating what you like, I've been doing it for 11 weeks now, and i've lost over 2 stone. I try not to eat chocolate, as once I get a taste for it, I want more. But recently I have trained myself just to have one thing, no more than 100 cals, at night, either low fat crisps or a low fat biscuit. there is plenty you can have for that, I think malteasers are around 100cals, although i've not had them for years...milky ways are low cals too.

I think half an easter egg is about 250 cals...so a quarter might not be too bad!!



Calorie Counter
S: 10st13lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 2st0lb(18.3%)
Thank you for helpful advice. Its nice to know that chocolate is allowed with calorie counting. I don't want to make myself give in so I'd rather get the chocolate out of the way earlier whilst motivation is high.

The egg is milk chocolate and it weighs around 100grams. :D
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i cant remember which part of the site it was one but im sure ive read somewhere that an easter egg can be around 1100 cals, so half would be around 550 cals. there are lots of calorie counting sites on the internet which u might find useful to get a better understanding of the cals in it. xx


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Time Out choc bars 85 cals a stick and you can buy them in single sticks...Toffee crisp snack bars in multipacks are 99cals.

I HAVE to have chocolate but i don't really tend to have over 100 as its usually my last 100 of the day i have left to use that i use it on chocci :) x


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i have an easter egg, i said to my bf i wanted a 'token' small egg. he got me the smallest one from hotel chocolat, which aint actually that small!
at xmas he got me a token for a chocolate making class! which we are going to in july.
so yeah i eat chocolate! lol i am weighing 40gs of my egg out, i wrap the rest up an put it away. i find that 40g is more then enough, its about 220cals.

before easter i was having a four finger kit kat everyday at break with my tea. i have now told the tea lady she is not to sell me the kit kat anymore lol. that part of it was more habit.
S: 10st9lb C: 9st6lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 21.3 Loss: 1st3lb(11.41%)
For 100g of ordinary milk chocolate (because, aside from the shape, that's all easter eggs are), is between 500 and 600 calories depending, i suppose, on the cocoa, sugar and fat content.
Yes I tend to have about 100 cals of chocolate in a day too.
Or for a choclety fix try an options choc drink? Or a chocolate yoghurt, sometimes that works for less cals. :)


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You can have like chocolate mousse or you could just have a few squares of dark chocolate; usually around 50-55kcal per square so count them in ;-))



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have you got someone to share your egg with?

everytime i have something chocolatey i give about half away before i start eating. i think it's psychosomatic - it still feels like i've finished the choccie, but really i've only had half! it works though!

enjoy your egg, and savour the taste. maybe put it in the fridge or freezer so it takes longer to eat. or follow preetone's example, and weigh it out, wrapping each weighed part individually. that way you can treat it like a normal choccie bar, and you won't have to 'get it out of the way' while your motivation is high- you can simply factor it in to your daily calories.

good luck! :)

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