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Chocolate & other 'naughties'


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Just wondering, with things like chocolate & crisps etc if u want them do you just count them into your calorie allowance? Do u ever feel guilty? Do u try an avoid them? Have them as a treat once a week or something?

I'm curious as I try to avoid that stuff in the week but tend to indulge at the weekends as if I have anything like that in the week I always end up feeling guilty even if it's within my calorie allowance!

:) x
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yup I count them too, I sometimes need a hit if im having a bad day at work and go for something like a couple of biscuits or a bag of malteasers etc something realativly low cal i think doin this has stopped me binging on the big things.

malibu xx


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Hey Summer,

Firstly, congratulations on your weight loss! That's really impressive.

With regards to chocolate, cakes, etc., personally I think it's a dangerous path when you start labelling foods as "bad" or "naughty." No wonder our country's relationship with food is so messed up. The more we demonise foods, the more we want them, the more we'll binge on them. If I fancy something sweet, I'll have it. Usually once I have a bit, that's enough for me. But if I've had a heavy night out, I fancy a bit of comfort food... I'm going to have it! I just make sure to watch what i have the next day, or exercise a bit more. Nobody benefits when you beat yourself up about food.


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I try to not have them (I'm an all or nothing type of eater!) but if I do then I count them into my allowance. Chocolate I don't seem to miss (thankfully) but I still can't kick my cola habit so I count the calories from that in every day. I hear a lot that people try the treat day/one day off but I could probably put a whole sweet shop away in 24 hours so it's not something I've tried personally :cool:

PS: Your before and after photos are amazing - such an inspiration!


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I'm the same as most of you, if I fancy it I'll have it! In moderation of course, and as long as it's within my calorie allowance. Everyone knows it's better to eat healthy with your calories, but sometimes you need a little choccy to get you by! And besides, when I really fancy something (Chinese usually!) but don't have it, I end up thinking about it constantly then when I do give in I eat more than I should!
I usually treat myself to a takeaway now and again, so I have something to look forward to and don't miss my Chinese food too much lol, and have a mini choc bar (like a 2 finger Kit Kat) every day or so, when I feel like it! =)

D* xXx

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I eat all kinds of [email protected] that I never used to, I simply plan it in advance, and factor in enough exercise to cover it :)


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Ok thanks guys :)
I bought some choc& oat bars they're only 104 calories but they still feel bad if I have one everyday! Lol

How do u find weight losses each week if you've had a few days with chocolate/crisps but still within calorie allowance?