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I, sadly, have had to give up chocolate. Whenever I have a little bit I start thinking about it, craving it, dreaming about it. And when I do eventually give in, it's never as nice as I thought it would be.

In the end I decided it is just not worth it. I given it up so many times now and I've realised it's a lot easier living without it than it is living with it!
Hi NumberOne

Have you tried substituting for an Options/Highlights choc drink, I sometimes do this and it 'usually' helps. I am with siggy though, I have to completely give up choc bars as once I taste it, I become addicted and just have to keep eating it!!!! Having a choc drink doesn't affect me in that way though......

Mel x


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Stick me on the 'I can't have just one chocolate bar' list. I'm a hardcore chocoholic. At my heaviest, I was consuming a crazy amount of it - 12000 calories a day just in chocolate. I never got tired of it, it never made me sick. I could have gone on eating it until I literally burst. When it comes to chocolate, for some reason I am utterly insatiable.

It's been just over 13 months since I've had a conventional chocolate bar or treat. They've had to be eliminated from the old diet. But Alpen choc & fudge light cereal bars have helped me loads, and snackajacks popcorn, skinny cow choc lollies, etc. My sweet tooth doesn't feel too deprived. A stonking great bowl of Hartley's orange sugarfree jelly with lots of strawberries and raspberries really hits the spot, too!
Thanks everyone! Im definatly going to try each suggetion when i start yelling for chocolate. Ive just eaten one of them special k bars which has chocolate chips. That Shut me up lol.


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Thanks everyone! Im definatly going to try each suggetion when i start yelling for chocolate. Ive just eaten one of them special k bars which has chocolate chips. That Shut me up lol.
Ha, it's like there's this ravening coco-beast inside that shrieks 'FEED ME!!!' isn't it? If you nudge the odd cereal bar her way, she should eventually stop screaming. Good luck, I know it's tough!!
Ugh god I know I'm going through exactly the same thing right now. I can never just stop with one bar so I'm just having to not think about it and go completely cold turkey.
Iris you just made me laugh! :D

Hey Skinnymalink, i tried that but i felt like i was going nuts haha. Try the suggestions everyone mentioned on here. Unless you can completely resist chocolate, if you can? Lucky you!
Have any of you read 'Beyond Chocolate'? It's an amazing book, which includes eating very dark chocolate, which I never used to like...however, I am now a total convert - only a little bit is enough to satisfy and the taste is so much better than the standard cadbury/mars etc. I keep some in my fridge and have a bite (or two!) when I feel the need (I have some at the moment that are like little discs and are only 30 calories each, so I don't feel too bad if I have a couple of those occasionally).
Which chocolate is that? I think i'll go buy some. I have some lindt 70% dark cocoa which are 53 calories per piece. 30 calories sounds much better, then i can have some more haha.


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If I do have chocolate (and to be honest it is very rare now because it is such a must have more and more crave food) I will have a frozen CurlyWurly. They are only 117 cals and take ages to eat when they have been in the freezer.
I have learnt I can't buy multipacks of chocolate...or anything sweet to be honest as I just can't stop at one...I have to buy singles if I want the odd treat.
A milky cup of coffee can sometimes rid me of a choccy craving as you get the same lift chocolate can give you.
It takes me a long time to eat a CurlyWurly. I should start freezing them from now on. It'll take me even longer to eat it haha. Great idea DeliciousBoo!
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Yesterday I was sitting in front of the television and had a craving for some chocolate. I'd only had about 800 calories all day so I bought a pack of those cadburys chocolate mousses that are 60 calories each....and ate all four of them. Thank god they only came to 240 calories! It could have been so much worse!

Definitely trying the frozen curly wurly tomorrow. Alas, it seems I can not live without my sugar fix.

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