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Chocolatecat starts again!!


One day at a time :)
Well, here goes nothing... again!

I started CD early last year and only managed a pitiful 3 days on it and decided in November to give it a bash again after new year and get this extra weight shifted!

I spoke to a new CDC this morning and have an appointment tomorrow morning to get my packs and I can start on Wednesday!!!

PLUS!!! This CDC is cheaper than the last one, she charges £1.70/sachet!

I am so very excited this time and am absolutely determined to do it this time! I AM going to be the new me this summer!! yay!! :party0011::party0049::mermaid:

I will be back all the time for support and distractions!!
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Going for Goal!
The very best of luck CC! Welcome back to CD.

It's great that you have found a cheaper CDC too! BONUS! :)

Looking forward to getting to know you :):):)

Hugs x x x
welocome back and Im back on it too with about the same to lose. it does work i promise the first days are the worst. Ive lost 4st on it (TWICE!) third time lucky or me.........


Girl on a mission
welcome back hun...good to see you again...lots of people restarting this week including me..so you'll get lots of support:D good luck with your start x x


One day at a time :)
Thanks everyone!

Hi Dappy :) I think I found the pressure of being in a team too much last time so I might wait a couple of weeks before I join one this time lol!

Feeling good today, I'm going to only drink water all day tomorrow and cut back carbs today and tomorrow to avoid a bad withdrawal :s


Slimming down the aisle
Good luck, hope it goes better for you this time around! x


Stubborn tortoise
Hey ChocolateCat & JessRabbit!!!! Big hugs! I too have disgraced myself over Xmas/New Year and need to get sorted and serious, but just wanted to say lovely to see you both!



One day at a time :)
Thanks Katycakes!

In truth, a lot has happened in the last year since I joined minimins and it has taken my focus away completely but the icing on the cake was my 29 yo brother taking his life just before Christmas.
It has shown me that life is too short and if I don't take a stand right now to lose this weight then when will I?
I don't want to die fat! I want to be healthy and thin, start getting regular cycles again and start a family! I dont want to be an overweight mummy. When (if) I get pregnant I'd like to see my bump when it starts NOT when it overtakes the fat!
I want to be able to walk into nice shops like Monsoon or Kew and see an outfit and not have to put it back because they dont have my size, it doesn't look right on me or because "I might be thin soon so I wont get much wear out of it".

I want to wear shorts in the summer and feel confidant about it and wear nice dresses out to dinner with my husband.

I don't think being thin will make me ultimately happy but it will make me considerably happier than I am now and will improve my quality of life tenfold!

I think, therefore I am - I think I can do this, therefore I can and I will :)

(sorry for the rant!!)


Stubborn tortoise
Aw, ChocolateCat, so sorry to hear about your brother. Sometimes things like that put it all in perspective and make us see how short life really is... and how important not to waste a minute of it. Big hugs.



One day at a time :)
OK so day 1!

I have had 1 choc tetra, 1 hot choc mint shake & 200cal tuna and cucumber. and 1 pt water and the extra for the tetra.

I feel OK but I forsee tomorrow being hellish lol!

We are out to the cinema tonight so while hubby has dinner I will have an apple & cinnamon porridge then cinema then bed! yay!! (edit*had chicken&mush soup instead!)

I will try very hard to not think about food! bye bye food :wave_cry:
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One day at a time :)
Day 2:

So, I woke up feeling very lightheaded this morning and fell asleep on the sofa with the dog for another hour! :eek: shocking!

I have had 1 pt water and a choc tetra so far. I run an ironing business so I have plenty to keep me occupied today... we'll see! lol!

On the plus side I know that I have 2 more CD meals and chicken & brocolli left to have! woo! Will try to leave them as late as poss :rolleyes:


going to do it!!!!
good luck to you chocolatecat and happy day 2!!
an ironing buisiness omg :D i can just about force myself to do my own (and my 4 kids and oh lol)
i should be on day 5 now but had a bit of a blip last night so back 100% today. going have a toffee and walnutn hot had one the other night and it tasted like horlicks it was really lovely xx


One day at a time :)
Well... I have so far had:

2 x pints of water
1/2 butterscotch shake
1 x choc tetra
tuna & cucumber

I have 1/2 butterscotch and another pack left, will try to have those spread out then go for a bath then bed with a book :)

I'm physically feeling OK today, only slight twinges of headaches and a bit lightheaded this morning.

Just tucking into a black coffee yum! xx

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