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Cholesterol test


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Laziness really as I know I could google but a question or two re cholesterol testing. I've never had it tested but suspect it would be on the high side of good - have had a very high fat (saturated fat) diet in the past.

I'm about half way through my CD journey and wondered about getting it done now? Obv have nothing to compare it to, but could compare now and at the end?

I already know my blood pressure has improved (from 140/100 to 125/85)

How do I get a cholesterol test? Never had one....do you have to go to doctor? Will they do one just because you ask for it? Is it a proper deep vein blood test?

Cheers and sorry for all the qq.

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Hey there

Yep the best place to get a cholesterol test is your doctor. I had mine done before CD and after and the difference was dramatic from extremely high to normal. I think it depends on what equipment your doctor has, the first test I had they took blood via syringe and sent it off, the second time it was a pin prick and then my finger was put into a little machine which gave an instant reading.

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hi everytime i've had one done its just been a normal blood test order by my gp
i had one done once before i started LL a few years ago and my cholestrol was really high and on the verge of your gonna have a stroke if you dont watch it and then had another one a month into the diet and it was all in the right place -vlcd seems to work very quickly at clearing all the rubbish out of your system
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I had it done a couple of weeks ago as my uncle died at 35 due to heart attack due to high cholesterol and my mum is on tablets for high cholesterol too and she keeps nagging me. It was a blood test requested by my doctor, I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything but water after 9pm the night before. Mine has come back high, so going to see Doctor on Friday, seeing as I have been on cambridge diet and not really eating fatty stuff I guess my body is making it as opposed to the stuff I am eating (have been on cambridge since March, so long enough to get the fat I ate before this out of my body)... will just have to see what Doctor says on Friday.


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I bought a couple of 'do it yourself' cholesterol tests at the big boots at Liverpool Street. Al we did was 'prick' pur fingers and wait for a drop of blood to fall onto a piece of card and wait (I think) 2 mins for the reading. My boyf's was high so he went to the Docs for a 'proper' test and it came out virtually the same...... worth doing if you want an quick answer :)

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