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Choosing a Group - most convenient or most likeable consultant?

Which would you choose?

I have to practically drive past a SW on a Weds on my way home from work but the consultant, as lovely as she is, doesn't really inspire me ..... in fact, she's so laid back she's practically asleep and I want her to get some 'oomph' into her classes.

However, on a Tuesday there's a class near my parents house where the consultant is young, enthusiastic and slim (which helps motivate me) but its a half hour journey each way.

Which would you choose?

Half of me thinks the Tuesday because I'll be more motivated but then half of me thinks that I can go on Wednesday and then get my motivation and support from here.


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Personally I would go for the class with the better consultant. I could not attend a class with an unisperational leader as it would be no motivation for me.

I go to group to be inspired and to feel motivated about the week ahead and if that means going a little further then I personally would! x


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Good question.

I am having a similar dilemma to. I started sw in november I like my consultant but she had to stop doing the group I was originally at so I followed her to her other group, she is inspirational and I like the motivation she gives the group, but some of the group are a bit of a queen B type and they think they are the dogs kahoonas, interupting group, talking over her and generally I dont find the group as much fun and they do make you feel a little uncomfortable.

My other group however is still going albeit at a different time and venue with a new young leader who does not inspire me, saying that I have not given her a chance, but many of my old group are still there.

I am debating whether to switch back I feel much more confident in myself to let go of my consultants apron strings.

Just not sure whats most important :rolleyes: a good group or a good consultant, its a tough one.

Good luck in deciding
I go to a class with one consultant and as there are only 2 consultants in this area and the other one is really good for recipes and keeping u going, so I added her on facebook and she has her own fan page for her group members. U can always join one group and if it does not suit you, you can change, as u know u can go to any meeting


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I'd go with the consultant you like. That said, what happens if she leaves?
I had a great consultant and when she left I didn't think anyone could come close to her, turns out the new consultant is head and shoulders above her. It took time to adjust to her way of doing things but now I prefer her.

There are a couple of questions to ask yourself - how likely are you to make the 30 min drive each week? If there is a chance you won't want to do it each week then join the weds class.

Consultants do take some getting used to. I also think you get a lot of support from group members, not just the consultant. A lot of the group ask me questions as the C is often busy - us old timers can help too (i'm probably one of the "queen bee" types soccermom refers to.....!)

It's a tough call, however, I know if I had to drive more than the 5 mins I currently have too I wouldn't be bothered to go.


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I recently re-joined and based my decision on which class to go to based on the consultant. I specifically wanted a class early in the week and around 5pm'ish so I could go straight from work. There was a class nearer to me but the consultant is very large and I found that totally uninspiring. I know she's a lovely lady, but...... I now drive to the next town (about five miles so not too far) because the consultant came very highly recommended and I'm so glad I did. This is the first time that I've stayed to class after weigh-in and I'm finding it all much more motivational.


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join a group with a good consultant!! the support is as important as having the determination!!

mines always on the other end of the phone and is very supportive!!

i would never change groups from her! :)


S: 19st3lb C: 18st1.5lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.76%)
as the C is often busy - us old timers can help too (i'm probably one of the "queen bee" types soccermom refers to.....!)
:eek: no thats not what I mean :D didnt mean to imply that sorry, these women arent very pleasant, they dont try to help.

They tend to make you feel intimated, only speak to a select few just make most of us feel a little uneasy. I know someone who left the group because one of these women belittled her in front of everyone.

You can hear them talking about people while the man the pay in desk, they think no one can hear them but I have good hearing and I tend to sit not to far from the desk so can hear them clearly. I am the new girl and not confident enough to speak up...yet :eek:

Just doesnt make for a good atmosphere.
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I am also struggling with my C ... they are very nice but some weeks don't even go through everyone's gains or losses and we are not that larger group.
The best bit for me is finding out how everyone else is getting on and sharing with them how I am doing too.
How would it work if I wanted to try another group? Can I just turn up with my SW details?
Thank you
I go to a group in the next village because of the great consultant - who has lost 8 stone themself so that is motivation to me.

I could walk to the one at the end of my road but choose the other. I think he consultant is important.


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i tried ww in the past[didnt really work for me as i'm too greedy to stick to 16 points

i guess for me its more important to have a good consultant than the convienience but i am biased and live in Dublin so not far to travel
everyone is different
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I would go to the C who is most motivating even if it is further to go. My C is fab. Really motivating and connects with her class so well. She is not the nearest to my home, is well worth the drive to get to her class. I tried another group near home but the C was about as motivating as a wet fart! I saw what I thought was a scruffy bag lady shuffling about - turns out that was the C! I didn't go back.


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i did ww a while back and stopped staying to class because i found the woman really irritating. she was much larger than i was which wasn't very motivating (and i was about 15 stones at the time, and she was MUCH larger) and she was really in your face about everything all the time. so i stopped staying to class and i was just getting weighed and in the end i stopped going. but if you think you won't bother to do the journey then the closer class may be better...


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100%................I'd go for the one with the C who would motivate me. I would never have lost 6st if it hadn't been for my amazing C (and great class). I love her and she is hands down by far the best C I've had. AND our class has won 'warm and friendliest' group in London something stupid like 10 out of 12 months in the last year!!


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I'd have a minimum of 20 minute drive whichever class I chose to attend in the Swansea area and there are quite a few to choose from, so for me it's paramount to have the best and most motivating and supportive consultant possible, and in Alicia I have that!! She's also a real hoot which makes things fun and entertaining too!!XXX

goth girl

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i originally joined a class down the road from me but coasted along taking one step forward and two steps back. hardly anyone ever got to goal, there were no target members and very few people stayed to class. To be honest the consultant was rather like marjory dawes lol.

a friend of mine joined a class close to her (about 20 minute drive away) and the weight fell off her. Consequently, i swapped to this class and am now a target member!!! (and on the social team)

it really is a lovely group, there are several target members (whom members are actively encouraged to ask for advice) , we have a facebook group and help is only ever a text/email/phonecall away.

I would say go with the consultant you like as it will make all the difference.

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