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Chopping and Changing Between SW and WW


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Is anyone else like this? I've have been on a diet for 10 years, started on WW, quit after a few months and started SW. This has been an on going pattern ever since, i've never lost more then 2 stone before giving up, i usually have a few weeks off before starting the next diet by which time i've usually put on what i lost. My prob is on sw i have no portion control and not being a very confident cook, usually end up living on pasta with grated cheese. WW i usually end up snacking on alot of junk, trying to use all my points and because its in the house, on a bad day i'll binge until i'm either sick or its all gone.
This viscious cycle isn't getting my anywhere, i've been hovering around 22stone for a year or so now and just want to start getting it off. Has or is anyone else in the same cycle i'm in? how do i get out of it? I think i need some self belief, if anyone has any spare, let me no :D
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Oh my god you have just described me!!! I have a good binge the night before, get the WW books out, decide halfway through the day I could have more on SW and eat for England the rest of the day. Get the SW books out and have exactly the same happen! Any magazines that have diet info in I buy and sit there reading it with a bag of crisps and a pile of bread and butter!! I would dearly love someone to just tell me which diet would suit me best and then just to stick at it.
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I'm the same!! :-( sucks don't it! I have no answers! I'm just trying too stick to WW this time.xx
In the past 3 years, this has been me:

*takes a deep breath*

Calorie counting - Slim Fast - "healthy eating" - Slimming World - Weightwatchers - Slimming World - Calorie Counting - Weightwatchers - JUDDD - Slimming World - Weightwatchers...

I think, personally, my problem is giving up too quickly. I need to pick something and stick to it.
I have had varying levels of success. SW worked til they introduced Extra Easy, now I can't quite manage to get my head round it. WW/CC seem very similar to me now, I just want to stay focussed on it for real, and get this butt shrinking.!

Maybe I should actually get off my butt and do more exercise...???


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I can't do Extra easy because i don't eat enough veg and my leader always moaned i was doing red/green, thats why i stopped going to group. I need to start exercising but being so big its a struggle i either keel over or have an asthma attack. Need to get the wii fit out and maybe attempt a bike ride, hubbs bought me a bike for my birthday in may last year and i still haven't used it. Bit worries people will laugh at a 22stone women trying to balance on a bike, slightly worried i'll bend it :(


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I've spend many a year diet switching, losing and regaining weight you'd think we'd learn by our previous mistakes.

All diets work if you stick to them and thats where the problem may lie. I seem to think I should be able to lose weight just by wanting to and not changing my eating habits - but life is not that easy. To lose weight we have to make changes whether this be how much we eat or what we eat. To keep the weight off these changes have to be what we can do for life.

Find an eating plan that suits your lifestyle, make small changes each week that you can keep up, start to exercise more then repeat every day.

Now if I could only follow this myself all would be well with the world :D


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I've just joined so I could post on this! This was me until I honed SW on GP referral 4 weeks ago. Lost 5lbs the first week but then stayed the same the next which really hacked me off. So the next week I followed SW extra easy but also counted the ww points. It meant I could eat a lot but didn't abuse the free food as there was a limit put in place with the points.

A bit faffy but not too bad, I then lost 2.5lbs. The next week I went to Germany, back yesterday. Decided I would broadly stick to SW principles but count points, allowing myself an extra 6 points a day as wanted to maintain, not loose. This worked well and I had quarter of a cheesecake (waiting for us on table after our long trip there) 2 slices of my favourite german cake and a bowl of icecream, several rolls. This was enough to feel I was enjoying my holiday but fitted into my points. Haven't weighed myself for a couple of days but we did take the wii and it said I had maintained which feels right by my trousers.

Now back I'm going to continue with my SW principles back on the points for losing weight but use the points to allow myself s bit more flexibility if I feel I need it.

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