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Chrimbo 2007

Hi Everyone

Im just wondering what you all have planned for christmas regarding your dieting???

Ive got a weekend away at the end of Nov and then my christmas party from work, so i was planning on that been my refeeding week, then do slimfast or WW till the end of Dec and
start Lipotrim in Jan????

What do you all think???

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I finish at the beginning of December and will be doing weight maintainance for 6 weeks which will include Christmas. However, we will be having a Christmas dinnner but a modified one, everything steamed with new potatoes and the turkey breasts either grilled or steamed. That way it won't interfere with my maintenance and we can enjoy Christmas.

Why change, just continue your refeeding/maintenance until January?


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I am planning on just being sensible...and yes I plan to have a glass or two of wine but not going crazy like I did most years!
I'm on call over christmas & some of new year so no drinking for me anyway. Planning on being back on food for a couple of weeks over the festive period though. but I won't go silly, will try to stay <1000cal a day. I will probably have a miserable time getting into ketosis in the new year but being on call + not eating + no alcohol + no family except my fiance = shitty christmas, I'm afraid.

i'm not sure how long I will liportim for to be honest. I'd like to lose 1.5-2stone on it before returning back to food and eventually slimming world or weight watchers but we'll see!
I should have finished and be on maintenance by then, yippeeeeeeeeee! However I shall, from now until eternity, be calorie counting, but who cares?! My daily maintenance cals will be a whopping 1700, so lots of room for my Christmas dinner in there! Wont be drinking very much as will be with family, who dont really drink, and I'm certainly not planning on getting back into a glass-a-day habit again!!


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Will be spending with hubby's family this year who love wine and drink....so i plan to be the one doing the driving!! (its the best way I find when you dont want to drink!) Will finish the at home with a few glasses by the fire!! Really not going to be stressed out Christmas this year.....turkey and veggies are easy food to eat and keep within calorie limits - its the god awful sauces, fat drenched roasties etc that do the damage....note I say god awful - I really love them but need to convince myself I hate them!! LOL


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Well Bea I'll be in the Dom Rep on an all inclusive. I can promise you now that I will not be dieting. I will try and not be silly. I'll not have a fry up in the mornings etc, but choose sensibly. There will be plenty of rum and cokes!! I'm going to do the aqua aerobics every day and try and swim 20 lengths in the pool so that I can have the treats.....I dont mind putting a few pounds on coz I'll take them off as soon as I get back.
Shaz - good idea to be burning up the extra cals, its all about balance!

Bea - yup, driving, good plan, that way you really *cant* drink till you get home! Just a thought - you could do some potato wedge type things in the oven, just using a bit of 1-cal spray oil? At least then you get to have a potato of some sort!
We don't drink so that won't be a problem..however, we are only having "Christmas" for my young daughter as without Mum it is going to be miserable for Dad and me. Too many memories and regrets, plus her birthday was in December so we have to get over that.
not to sure what im doing for xmas this year but gonna have to be more carefull as lastyear i put on 7lbs in two weeks got a bit giddy with eating again but should be on the maintenence so just to be sensibly starting i.v.f in again in january so dont really drink much due to that but gonna eat a much veg as i poss can i love the stuff as everything else no going to be good this time have fun all what ever your plans
Hi everyone thank you so much for your advise it is one thing that i have been worried about, after all I am Irish and I do like my few drinks, so I will be careful but wont be stopping completely :D!!!

Will defo try to take up some extra exercise!!! Wish I would also be near a pool in the Dom Rep!!!

Charlotte im sorry to hear that about your mum, i know it will be hard but you will all get through it!


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Hi ya all

Sparkles ~ love the irish drink bit ~ nice to endulge a little after all we all deserve a treat now and then

Charlotte ~ sorry about your Mum xmas and bdays are always hard, time will heal and it will get easier ~ I toast my Mum and Dad christmas morning with a Baileys to remember lovely childhood memories, 32 years since I lost my lovely dad but still think about him daily, 7 years since Mum went ~ the last baileys toast was to good health at millenium new years eve party, unfortunately lost her in the March. Gets better so stick together and think of how proud Mum would be of your daughter I love my grandchildren to bits and christmas morning is very special to all us Nanna's. Thinking of you

Not sure what I will do diet wise ~ it will either be a famine or a feast (nothing new there !!!!) I know for sure I will have a lovely relaxing time with family and friends and I will adore seeing my two young grandchildrens faces on christmas day when Santas been. Also my milli's loves going to church and singing carols and learning all about baby jesus ~ ah what a delight. I have an old nativity scene and we spent hours and hours last year talking about baby jesus and Mary and frankensence and angels the innocent joy of christmas is what it is all about

Not food

Love Love

Sorry if that sounds bit preachy did not mean to be just need to remember whats important to me
Well I can't wait for crimbo!!
I'm hoping to have lost the weight I would like to lose early December. So I will refeed for 2 weeks but then i am going to enjoy crimbo. Im not going to be like a pig stuffing everything, but our family love crimbo and if that means me eating those twiglets on the table that no one wants...I sure will :) I'm going to indulge but not over eat.
Um wait there, i'll let you know after crimbo how i did instead lol
Hey Shelly

Yeah Im really looking forward to christmas also I love it, Ive got a quite a big family also so there will loads around Ive got some partys I was invited to also and a weekend in Manchester and Edinburgh just before christmas week, Im going to try best but I wont be totally good also...

Like you said we will know more after lol
Calling it a day on 27th of November for Re-feeding...

I'm not going to do this over Xmas and My Birthday... I won't have to worry so much anyway... now i've lost all this weight im more active and my exercise regeiems should see off any weight loss over xmas..

If I want to lose more after Xmas I'll just return back onto LT in January.


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Calling it a day on 27th of November for Re-feeding...

I'm not going to do this over Xmas and My Birthday... I won't have to worry so much anyway... now i've lost all this weight im more active and my exercise regeiems should see off any weight loss over xmas..

If I want to lose more after Xmas I'll just return back onto LT in January.
Once you have a plan to stick to a healthy eating you should be fine.......calorie counting and exercise is the key once you are off the LT wagon....best of luck...


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Actually thats sort of my plan..too...

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