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Chubby Chick to Delicious Diva (hopefully!!)


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So, here goes day 1 of another diet but this time I am determined it will work!!

The past few months have been pretty rubbish and since breaking up with my partner of four years and going back to being a single mummy I have realised I have neglected myself quite badly for the past few years. So .... with that in mind I have started on Exante today with the aim of being a delicious diva by my birthday in October.

I have ordered myself some dermalogica skincare, bought myself an amazing dress in a size 12 (I can get a leg in!!) and have booked myself beauty treatments once a month to pamper myself and keep me going - if I don't stick to this 100% then the facials get cancelled!!

I have got the 30 day shred DVD after reading about it on here and am on day 2 of level 1 - it hurts but I hope it will be worth it.

I am hoping it shouldn't be too hard to avoid food as I have got rid of all the rubbish the ex used to buy and have bought my daughter all the things she likes and I don't so there isn't much in the house I will eat so less temptation!!

As you can tell from the above I am a bit of a planner so hopefully now I am all organised I will be well on my way!

I will be weighing in on a Sunday at Boots as I can't keep scales in my house cos I would never get off them!

Onwards and downwards!!!
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Day two will start with a small rant!! Started Exante yesterday and was working from home but was back at work today - cue all the girls in the office (far too many women squeezed together if you ask me!!) telling me how dangerous and bad for me a VLCD is!! This coming from two people in particular who are the size of bungalows and scoff horrendous amounts of artery clogging food each day! Why can't some people just keep their noses out? Just because they are fine with being overweight doesn't mean I am and so I am doing something about it. Ggggrrrrrr!! Rant over :eek:

On the upside, am quite surprised I haven't been more hungry. Had a fruit nut bar for breakfast (yummy!), strawberry shake for lunch (not so yummy but bearable) and am just having a large glass of water before my banana shake and settling down to Holby City.

Am almost hoping I feel worse tomorrow or Thursday as hopefully that will mean ketosis is kicking in!!

Also ordered myself another size 14 dress to add to my "I will get into them wardrobe". All my clothes that fit are currently living in drawers or under the bed and my wardrobe is being filled with size 14's and some size 12's which is where I hope to be by the October. So I have to keep looking at the lovely clothes all the time which is great inspiration for me :eek: I will not be buying any more 18s or 16s!!

Bring on day 3!!!


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Hey well done uve done well so far and what a fab idea with the booked pampering sessions love it.. That will defo keep u on track... And those smaller clothes are a great idea I find that usually helps me too. U definately have got your exante head on chick keep at it and u will have a fab wi...

Regarding other people and vlcds know what u mean love as others have said the exact same.. Don't worry about it let them carry on clogging there arteries their loss ur doing something about it go for it chick u will see rewards not them ..

Good luck x


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Hi Tink
well done on a great start! I think that sometimes people are just making excuses to themselves about why they can't do it too - expect a lot more comments as you get slimmer and slimmer and they stay the same! At the end of the day they're just fooling themselves and you're doing what you know is right for your health! As you can probably guess I've had some of the same comments and am trying not to let them get me off track!
Good luck with weigh in on Sunday, what a good idea not to have scales (I am a total weighing addict and don't think I could part with mine, even though I know I probably should!)


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Hello and welcome, it sounds like you've got off to a great start :) Just keep focused on your own goals, and ignore what the others say - it's amazing how other people respond to the choices we make.

I love the idea of hanging up the clothes that are too small in your wardrobe. When I first started trying to lose weight a few years ago, I bought a size 12 target dress, I can now my legs & bum in it, and do the zip up nearly to my waist.... getting there! It's a great motivation and helps you to see how much smaller you're getting.

Your treats sound fab :)

Good luck


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thanks everyone, its been a real help for me posting on here and seeing how well everyone has done and the support is fantastic :eek:

I feel really in the zone right now and I think its probably the first time I have tried to lose weight and do it for me - not to keep my ever skinny family or a boyfriend happy! Having become newly single recently I have realised that I need to spend a bit more time on myself and that will make me a better mummy and a better person all round!!

Maybe that's why its just clicked. Either way I hope it stays that way!! :D


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Sooooo day three and I woke up this morning with the most icky taste in my mouth. Got up quick sharpish and brushed my teeth twice which helped!! Kept coming back though so think I will be investing in some fresh breath spray!

Also feel a bit crappy and headachy so am hoping this means ketosis is not far away and I will feel better tomorrow. Drank loads of water and green tea which seems to have helped a fair bit!

Haven't really felt hungry at all today which has been great, choc orange bar for breakfast, vanilla shake with coffee for lunch and I will have chocolate shake for tea a bit later.

Had to restrain myself from going to Boots to weigh at lunchtime as well - roll on Sunday!! :eek:


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Day 4 and still going strong :eek: Am surprised I haven't been tempted by food at all - even when cooking for my little girl. She thinks its great cos I have bought her all the food she loves but I hate and she doesn't get very often!

As I was passing by Boots at lunchtime the temptation got too much and so I went and weighed myself (can't have willpower for everything!!) and I have lost 6lbs since starting on Monday!! 6lbs!! :bliss:

So that made me feel a whole lot better as the little doubters in my head had been telling me this wasn't going to work. Well that has now shut them up good and proper!!

Am having a night off from The Shred tonight as I have a couple of friends coming over but back to it tomorrow.

Wonder if I will have lost any more by Sunday ......


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Welcome Tink and well done so far. Sounds like you are doing really well chick. 6lbs is a great loss already and of course you will have lost more by Sunday. Love all your mini treats too- I do exactly the same. Keep with it girl and you will do amazing things and keep us posted on your progress xx


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Hey Tink
Hope today went well? Only two days til your official weigh-in, exciting!

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