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Chunky Dunker To Skinny Dipper

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by scarlet79, 4 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Hi to anyone who stops by to read this thread. Thought I would start this diary to help me on my pretty long journey to a healthier weight. Sorry if I ramble a bit but very new to this forum stuff and not sure what to add and what not too. I'm Welsh and we like to talk. A lot lol

    Tried a few diets over the years but always gained back the weight I've lost and a bit more for good measure but this time around I've joined Slimming World and I'm going to do it!!

    So, got on the scales last Thursday evening at my local SW class and my starting weight is 29st 1lb. Way too much for my 5ft 4in height (am I too heavy or too short? haha) Big changes need to be made and soon. As well as wanting to be healthier I have a son from a previous relationship and my other half has a daughter and we all live together (sometimes happily ;) ) but we want to try for a baby of our own too. We also want to book our wedding for next year some time and I would prefer to be slimmer wearing my dress and here is my diary...

    Breakfast - 2 Weetabix HEXB with milk from my 250ml semi skimmed milk (from HEBA) and a banana

    Lunch - Pasta N Sauce with some prawns and mushrooms mixed in, grapes and a clementine.

    Dinner will be a chicken korma made with a recipe that I found on here and boiled rice for 1.5 syns and more fruit for desert.

    If anyone spots something I am doing wrong please give me a clip around the ear and point it out to me, all help is appreciated.

    Lisa x

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  3. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    Welcome! I'm new to SW as well. I have my first WI today so I'll subscribe to your diary and watch your story and weight loss journey.

    The problem is definitely being short! If someone just stretched us out, I bet we'd be nearly a healthy BMI. I might have to be stretched very long though.

    Good luck x
  4. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    here to subscribe :) x

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  5. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    Agreed, the problem is definitely being too short!! Looks like you've got a great day planned. Our diaries are both called "chunky dunk" too! Are you doing EE?

    You seem to be doing more fruit than veg, if there's anything I could advise on it'd be try and use more veg rather than more fruit (Which I know can be difficult, especially if you're a bit fussy like me) because fruit has lots of sugar and can impact weight loss further down the line if you eat bucket loads of it. But it looks like your day's pretty damn good!
    Good luck! :)
  6. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Hey everyone thanks for stopping by.

    Yes llama I'm doing EE, it fits in nicely with the foods I like. I did have cucumber with lunch, forgot to write it in and the curry will have onions and peppers in but I do definitely have days where I have more fruit than veg. Finding it awkward on days to add it to some meals as I don't like salad and some of the veg I have is free rather than superfree. Still finding my feet but all tips are welcome. Excited to get on the scales Thursday evening and see if I have lost but slightly terrified that I've been doing something wrong and I'm going to see a gain!!

    Just attempted a mullerlight as a snack but the banana and custard flavour is minging. Another thing I won't be eating LOL x
  7. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Hi Jennie, good luck with WI x
  8. Cheese Thief

    Cheese Thief Gold Member

    So glad you've started a diary. Hopefully you'll find it a big help xx
  9. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    I'm sure I will it's another step in feeling in control of my weight. Love reading other people's diaries on here it's inspirational x
  10. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    i find i have more fruit than veg a lot of the time but where i can, i'll add peppers, onions etc and soups are good to get some extra in. i do like salad but at this time of year...it doesn't always seem so tempting but when the better whether comes in, i find it easier (plus i always think salad seems so much nicer when someone else has made it lol)

    i don't get mullerlights other than the toffee one (for scan bran cake) and the coconut one which i like or use in curry cos i find them too bitter.
    love activia 0% ones....love them and always looking for the best price for them. but there are a few others that are syn free too

    there is a thread on here which gives info on where the bargains are etc...it's always worth a peek too cos it can be pricy :)

    good luck...plenty of help, support and ideas on here for sure! x

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  11. MrsGinger

    MrsGinger Silver Member

    Popping by to subscribe good luck with your journey xx

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  12. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I don't think you're eating too much fruit, which is good especially as you're balancing it out. I tend to have the same issue with the veg I tend to have being free rather than SF, but just always tend to be aware fruit is higher in sugar - as long as you're not eating just fruit and a lot you'll be fine.
    Ha I quite liked the banana and custard one, the vanilla one is lush, but always makes me want the little balls that go with the normal muller as it tastes just the same!

    What are you like with salads? Do salads mean lettuce? I used to pull a fake sicky face at the mention of salad because I'd always associated it with lettuce and tomatos, but I quite like the alternatives, how about spinach? It;s surprisingly nice with some added extras, don't let an aversion to a certain thing put you off, salad can be anything! :)

  13. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Hello! Diary looks great :) are you using your syns though?? They're reeeeeeally important :)
  14. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Thanks MissK I am amazed at the support on here it's so lovely and yes salad is always nicer when it's made by someone else lol

    Salad does mean lettuce to me Llama, I do like it too and tomatoes, bit of grated carrot etc but I think it's the weather like MissK said, just fancy warmer more comforting stuff when it's so miserable outside. Come the summer and i'll be eating more of them and hopefully finding a fat free dressing that I like. Sweetcorn and peas are my go to veg to have with a lot of things but I like most veg apart from celery. Bleurgh!!

    Hi Pippa :) Yep I'm using my syns just hadn't had any when I wrote my diary. I have some every day, I like my treats too much to go without and I'm trying the starting the week with 105 and deducting as I go approach to see if that works for me or if I'll need to be one of the people who need to use them daily.

    Loving all the great advice, thanks ladies :) x
  15. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    Hi popping in to say Hello.... good luck with your journey x
  16. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Not sure how I missed your post princess but thank you x

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  17. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    The activias are 7 for £2 this week in coops x

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  18. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    A fab way to bulk up your veg is to make a lush chunky coleslaw grate carrot bit of white n red cabbage slice some onion and add half fat free yog and half light mayo n season well gorgeous with a curry a salad or spices up egg n chips especially with some lovely cherry toms x

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  19. DragonsnDaffs

    DragonsnDaffs Silver Member

    Good luck on you travels lovely x x

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  20. xmisskx

    xmisskx Gold Member

    Ooh are they? Is that the bigger ones? They're usually 6 for £3 so might try find some. Thanks!x

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  21. scarlet79

    scarlet79 Gold Member

    Loving the sound of the coleslaw I will be trying that out :) x

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