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Chunkyoldthing's weigh in

My first weigh-in!

I've just weighed in at 12 stone 3lb, a loss of about 3lb. I didn't expect to lose much this week because I was just eating sensibly, and getting used to not having any biscuits, chocolates, fried food, crisps, double helpings of bread etc. I've been stuffing myself with fruit and vegetables instead and felt OK with this, except that I've found I get headaches and feel light-headed if I don't have any sugar at all. When this happens I just have a spoonful of sugar in whatever I am drinking and it goes away.

So overall very pleased so far, just hope I can keep it up.
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Wow and you call yourself chunky! lol you'll need to change your name soon! :D

Great reading your positive post, well done :)
After a good start last week, I've just weighed in and ... the same as last week, 12 stone 3lb :eek:.
It looks as though just eating different food isn't enough, I will actually have to eat a bit less!

I did have trouble with one of my major weaknesses - peanuts. I bought a packet thinking I could just have a handful now and then, and then I finished the whole packet in one evening. This will teach me not to try this again, it just doesn't work.

So time to start tightening the belt a bit :(.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well at least you know to keep peanuts as a treat.. maybe a reward when you've lost x amount of weight and limited in size of packet! :)

We all have foods that are our problem area's. Staying the same isn't too bad, gives you somewhere to move from without having gained! ;)
Well, not done too well again. Have lost one pound since last week, was 12 stone 2 this morning. The peanut craving struck again during the week, and I think it may be a craving for more protein so I will try and make sure I get plenty from other sources next week.

You are right purplehugs, these problem foods need to be occasional rewards for when a reasonable amount has been lost. The next packet will not be bought until I have reached 11 stone 7!
hey dont focus on the time its takes you to lose weight just understand that you are loosing weight.. the bigger you are the faster you lose the weight so as you are already getting there its natural for it to slow down a lil... you are doing fab xx
Hi Marley, I'm trying to have a normal diet with a lot less fat and sugar and a lot more fruit and vegetables, so I'm still having small amounts of bread etc. My idea was to keep it as normal as possible in the hope that I will find a healthy normal diet easier to stick to afterwards, and so not put the weight back on again. However this week I've fallen off the wagon a bit so I don't think I will have lost any weight :( . But I will keep going.
As I thought, I am still on 12 st 10 lb. Been a slightly stressful week so I will look for other ways to deal with stress than having something to eat, and try and be more organised about taking a healthy lunch to work.
Weighed in at 12 stone, i.e. I've put on 2lb since last week :(, but I knew it wouldn't be good news. My place of work is closing down next week and apart from the stress of losing my job there have been parties, farewell lunches, consolation chocolates etc all this week, and it's hard to say no to it. Next week is the last and will be even more stressful, but with a bit of luck the flow of food will have stopped.

I'm not going to beat myself up about it, I'm just going to start again.
yup dont beat yourself up hun , remember that everyone has off weeks and today and tommorow is the only thing you can change so start again.. dont let teh stress bring you down x
Well, I'm amazed to find I'm under 12 stone - 11 st 13 lb. My job has finished and I seemed to spend the last few days living on nothing but cakes and coffee. I'm getting back into eating loads of fruit and vegetables now so I hope I'll soon be back on track.

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