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Ciara's CDSS Adventure Starting 5~7~10


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I'm probably starting this diary a bit early but i'm quite excited at the moment and needed a place to write.

I went to see my Dr today with the CD forms and she's happy for me to give it a shot. Feel daft now for being so nervous about it. I'm going to keep going back once a month to see her. She hasn't had a patient do CD before so she's keen to see the results lol!

Because I live in a remote area in Scotland there are no CDC's anywhere near me so I won't actually get to see my CDC only speak to him on the phone/email. He's posting a 2 week supply of shakes to me today so hopefully they'll get here by Saturday so I can start on Mon.

I'm so very excited about doing CD so please ignore me if I start to waffle on and on :)
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Good luck on your CD journey :D
Welcome & Good luck!!

You won`t regret it, I love this diet :D

Found your diary, good luck on the plan. Can't wait to see what results you get on it. I am thinking of trying something like this for quicker results when i get back from my holiday :)


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thanks guys!

Hi Kas! will be interesting to see how it goes, i'm prepared for the first few days to be tough but hopefully i'll get through it! :)
One of the mums from my daughters nursery group is doing CD SS and has lost over 3 stone in 8 weeks :)

Fingers crossed for you


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wow thats amazing! hearing the big losses people have had played a big part in deciding to do CD!
I think it's tough going though having no food :(

She has only eaten on a couple of occassions and has stuck to it nearly 100% of the time.

I hope you get on well with it, there seems to be plenty of support on here.


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Strangely the no food part doesn't bother me. I feel like most of my time these days is me thinking about food be it calories, portions, fat content so to have it all set out seems pretty good....just hope that feeling lasts!!


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My packs just arrived in the post :clap: they came very quick given they were only posted yesterday!

Now to decide what to have on Monday lol


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Day 1

And so it begins. I've just had a strawberry shake, it was quite nice.

Have filled 2 bottles with water that i'll aim to drink by lunch. Think i'm going to struggle drinking so much water but I will do my best with it

Wish me luck....


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Thanks Kas!!

So far today:

B: strawberry shake
2 pints of water
L: chocolate shake
1 pint of water
D: vegetable soup :yuk: only managed a few spoons of it so made a choc mint shake with hot water

Pints of water: 1 1 1 1 1
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Day 2

I survived day 1 woop! It wasn't too bad. Did want to eat a few times but resisted.

Woke up feeling quite tired today but other than that i'm fine. Surprised I wasn't hungry. Having a strawberry shake at the mo, added more water and wizzed it in the smoothie maker a while longer and its tasting better.

Bring on day 2 :)
Hope day 2 is going well, my pal says if you try hard to survive the first week it gets easier, but you sound like your doing well :)


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i'm taking it an hour at a time lol! feel hungry today so i'm staying away from everyone when they eat. I keep hearing it gets easier after day 3 so definately going to keep going....i hope

So today,

B: strawberry shake
L: fruits of the forest shake
D: Tried apple & cinnamon porridge, it was ok but found the cinnamon too strong. Hoping the original one will be ok tho. Had a choc shake

pints of water: 1 1 1 1 1
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Day 3

Ended up in bed at 930 last night. Nearly caved in and ate but i'm very happy today that i didn't.
Was expecting today to be tough and have a headache but so far i'm fine. thankfully.

B: strawberry shake

Pints of water: 1 1
Your doing great, can't believe you managed 5 pints of water yesterday :)

I'm trying really hard to drink loads of water and am lucky if i get through 2 litres a day :(

Can't wait for your 1st weigh in, bet you reach your first goal :)


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well 2 litres is 4 pints! you have to drink 2 and a quarter litres on CD but people say to aim for 3. no idea how people can have 4 or 5 litres its just madness!!

lol i'm excited for the first WI too, was tempted to jump on the scales today but didn't. Going to try hard to stay off them until monday


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so today

B: strawberry shake
L: butterscotch shake eurgh
D: attempted original porridge but was rank so having fruits of the forest shake

pints: 1 1 1 1 1 1

struggling just now. hope i can keep going

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