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Ciara's SS Diary

Ok so today is day 2 of my restart! Yesterday was ok.. A bit tempted by chocolate but I got through it.. I had a CD bar, I know it's not recommended but my CDC said it'd be ok aslong as it's not every day (and plus I ate it while sitting outside the shop (some of you know about that..!). I had a slice of chicken aswell but I figured it wasn't as much as i'd have on SS+. I had nearly 3litres of water so I got on ok..!

Today I'm good so far, tomorrow will be hard because day 3 is always hard for me..!
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Just been to the pool, didn't swim as such but it was nice and relaxing..! Had my last shake just now, yummy warm mint choc! Need about a pint more water to hit 3l!

So far so good, like I said earlier though I am dreading tomorrow but it won't be long to I'm skinny!
Hey sweetie your doing REALLY well hun well done :D

So your finding it ok? Have you had any bad heads or anything. I found that i did on day 2 night time and then day 3 was just horrible but were here if you need to come on 2morrow for some support :)

Whats this about the shop i must have missed that post? xxx
Yeah I'm doing good so far but I know tomorrow will be hell..! I was sitting in the car waiting for my neighbour last night and she parked outside a shop, I was late for my 3rd shake so was soooo tempted to go in, luckily I was coming back from my CDC so I had a CD bar with me or else I'd have broke..! I also got brill support here as I've minimins on my mobile so got plenty of motivation to stay in the car..! :)
Day 2 is coming to an end..! I had a personal best of 4l of water and I feel fantastic..!
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Day 3: tested for ketosis this morning (wasn't hoping for anything) but I was in the pink.. I still was hungry and a bit light headed later on so I don't think I'm fully there yet... Soon though..! :)

After having my second 'meal', due one more tonight..

Just wondering, would it be ok to have a 4th shake if I feel I need it?


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I've been told I could if it was a last resort. But check with your CDC :)

Your doing brilliantly btw :)
Aw well done hun your doing great :D

Also well done for not going into that shop and eating ~claps~
I carry a CD Bar around with me at all times (in my bag not in my hand lol) so if i need something its there. On day 6 i felt a little weird at work so had my bar and felt fine after.
My CDC also said at the last resort have a 4th shake dont eat any food. If you feel hungry have a big glass of water first and see how that helps. What i do if i feel hungry is say to myself i will put it off for 1hour and if i still want it i will see then and 99% of the time i dont even want it and if i did i would talk myself out of having it anyway haha!!

Your doing really well hun keep up that good work <3 xxx

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