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Cigerettes and CD


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Hey everyone,

Just restarted the CD today but I was just wondering if anyone has noticed that they smoke more when on the CD. It's like I feel the need to treat myself and as I now can't have food when I would usually eat I will smoke. That is not good as I am smoking even when I don't really feel like one. Has anyone noticed that? x

P.S Just forced down my first banana tetra and it wasn't as good the second time round. It's all I live on as I don't like anything else. Guess I just have to keep the goal in sight and remember that it's worth it!
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i was smoking when i started CD, but figured while i'm in Ketosis and not hungry, it would be the best time to give up! :)

I did at first tend to smoke more, but when i got used to it, it died back down...i think it was more of a mental thing rather than me actually NEEEEEDing one! lol

Hth hun


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I totally agree. It's something to do instead of eat even if you don't want one. I will try to stop once i'm not hungry anymore. Usually when i'm hungry I have a bath with candles or come on to this website and read all the posts..knowing other people are in the same boat makes me feel better. Another useful thing is to go onto you tube and search for CD stories. There are some really inspirational videos that keep you going. x
I smoke way more... especially in the beginning - it does tend to even itself out though.

I also treat myself to jacuzzi/steam room in the gym.... can't smoke in there lol


100% all the way!
I only smoke when I drink so as we can't have alcohol on this diet I have not smoked.

I used to enjoy a bottle or two of wine 2-3 times a week and would smoke about 10 ciggies at the same time.

Bl**dy how 6 weeks with no food, alcohol or ciggies! xxx Only just realised! x
My friend is on CD too and a smoker and smoking WAY more than before ....

I gave up smoking 4 years ago and put on 4 stone loooooool so this is why im on cambridge now

I wouldnt give up fags whilst on cambridge lmao! thats just me though :) i'd need one or the other x
yes totally agree..... i use to smoke 10 aday now in my 2nd wk and some days im smoking over 20 oops. i find myself getting out of bed and come down stairs to have 1 b4 i fall asleep not gud at all and i have never done that. o well hopefully it will become less soon...