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Cinema popcorn ..points ?

It's 3.5pts for a SMALL portion of cinema popcorn.
And usually you don't just get 'small' portions - you have to specifically ask for them...and they are small in comparison to a regular portion.
Yeah, 3.5 for a salty small popcorn, 6.5 for medium and 0.5 for large.

Yum yum!! have a lovely night!!
whooops!!! large is meant to be 9.5!!!!!! (hit the wrong key) 0.5... now wouldnt that be nice :rolleyes:
Oooh eee!! thats quite a lot of points. :eek: I always have a medium portion when we go.

Looks like we arent going to make it for this weekend... so if I am good I can save some of my points up for next weekend and use them then. Plan in advance for it.

Thanks for finding out for me. :)

Deb x
Cinema trips should be fun, but before I go I have to work out the carbs for my diabetic son and the syns for me and the bf in whatever we eat. Perhaps I should buy us small individual bags first, it would be easier.
This thread is from 2008???
This thread is from 2008???
I'd rather dig up an old one than start a new one :)

We're off to the pics later today and it seems to be compulsory to eat/drink something when there. We always share a sugarfree drink anyway but food can be a nightmare for us. If the eldest daughter comes with us we have to avoid dairy products as well, so popcorn is the safest bet.
But the points system has changed so this won't be right if you're following Weight watchers Pro Points...
Oh heck!! I thought they were syns! lol :D thanks Cherry Summer, I shall have to start a new thread after all :D

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